Friends in MobileRecharge expat community talk about their new beginnings

MobileRecharge expat community

On the eve of World Top Up Day 2021, the MobileRecharge expat community on Facebook joined a talk about new beginnings in their lives. First, it was MobileRecharge team, then Rakesh Rawal. Only hearing the phrase most probably brings back memories for you too. Totally normal, no side effects of living abroad or eating a bad cake.

Honestly, we did not expect so many confessions. Oh, and if it is the first time you’re hearing about World Top Up Day and what happened on November 10 for the expat community sending airtime abroad, you can check out this page.

MobileRecharge expat community

Without further ado, let’s jump into these confessions. Still wondering why all this fuss and buzz? It’s not a new topic since the beginning of the pandemic. For 2 years it has been no unique season but a series of new beginnings with each wave, each change, each news, each new job, each new worry or loss, each new happy day.

But what we mean to say is that the pandemic may not resemble anything most of us lived so far, yet it’s a new beginning happening live and CHANGE has been there before for each of us. True?

The price of opportunity

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Everyone has a secret. And in many cases that’s a failure, we are not very proud of (what’s the purpose of shame btw?), something that makes us look undesirable publicly, or even in our own eyes; you know we may be the harshest audience ever exposed to… WHY?!

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Leaving a country as most of the our friends in the MobileRecharge expat community went through requires not only facing your own failures and accepting them as a lesson to “what we don’t need or want or can do”, but also the failure of our system. And actually that’s how progress works, that’s the mechanics. Whether personal or nationwide, that’s it!

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What to expect from Change and New Beginnings? Not a tough question, but a tough reality. Making a radical change like moving abroad or giving birth to a child, that’s a big thing. It changes the story without knowing where everythings going. So, can we say then that assuming risks is inevitable when looking for opportunities and joy? Is sweat or danger part of it? Yes.

Carton boxes with precious stuff

What does it take to move abroad? Leaving a life behind, parents, friends, good and bad memories, but also precious objects that were part of your daily routine and familiar environment. What does it mean to change the environment? What does it take to single out your goods to travel light for a new home? That’s a new beginning about carton boxes, new keys, and newspaper ads about renting.

MobileRecharge expat community

Risks, hopes and not-knowing-enough

The connection between goals and risks is tighter than we think. In 2018, was making public that  “taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. No matter the outcome, either way, we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Better yet, building those skills helps in taking more risks and improves the chances of achieving future goals.”

And let’s face it, not knowing all the details leaves room for imagination. And hopeful mindsets reflect positive scenarios too, not only fear. Plus, enthusiasm makes it easier to make the first step. That power is huge, and expats have it.

MobileRecharge expat community

Spiritual and cultural discoveries

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Interacting with a new culture does not leave anyone untouched. Some open up to God more than before, since all changes make you vulnerable. Then, returning to yourself for energy and trust is key. Others react differently. Another way to react to novelty is to open up and integrate fragments of the new reality. The two reactions outward-inward and vice versa do not exclude each other. Of course!

MobileRecharge expat community

New school, new education opportunity


When your life is easier, more relaxed, there’s also time for education. Many in the MobileRecharge expat community found an opportunity to continue or start school in the new motherland.

MobileRecharge expat community

MobileRecharge expat community

Tips for expats

Any big project, including moving overseas, is a big deal that leaves you hopeful on one side, and fearful on the other. But, taking one step at a time seems to be the key in any personal or professional adventure. Not only one person said it, but many. Including Cicie Brünë Crëølë in MobileRecharge expat community, a Spoto High School gratuate.

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We have a piece of advice, go check the EXPAT PROMOS running now.

But please leave your thoughts on new beginnings below, in a comment. ;)