How to send internet credit to a mobile in Pakistan in seconds

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Almost 20% of Pakistanis are internet fans. So far, relatives abroad found it easy to send them online balance for local calls. But recently, a new challenge occurred: how to send internet credit to a mobile in Pakistan as fast as possible, with a simple click. Problem solved for most operators in the country with the introduction of new bundles available on and MobileRecharge app starting June 2020.

The international recharge takes seconds and no contract is needed. Plus, the bundles also include minutes besides cellular data in Pakistan.

Send balance to Pakistan mobiles from abroad / MobileRecharge app options

How to send internet balance to Zong Pakistan

Islamkot Road and Ufone recharge from abroad

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Pretty easy. No matter where you live, as long as you have internet connection you can do it in seconds, without a contract or other limits. So, here’s how to recharge Zong balalnce for someone in Pakistan, miles away.

Go to or install the MobileRecharge app for free on your Android or iOS, and search for Pakistan. You’ll have 3 Zong bundles to choose from:

  • Prepaid (that includes talk time aka voice aka minutes
  • Bundle (includes a mix of data / internet and voice)
  • Internet (from 4GB to 60 GB, valid for 30 days, starting $6.05 or the equivalent in other currencies)

Once you made up your mind which pack is best for your mom in Pakistan, uncle, kid, cousin, friend or wife, hit the RECHARGE NOW button and next you can safely pay using any major card or PayPal, and you’re done.

The top up is instant.

There are 3 Zong bundles to choose from. They include a mix of WhatsApp and YouTube, Zong minutes up to 10000, local minutes between 150 – 600, 2.5 GB up to 10 GB, all valid for 30 days.

Send Zong balance to Pakistan


The best option for Internet alone is Zong Internet.

Internet bundles to send to Pakistan

How to include internet data in your Telenor recharge to Pakistan

With a huge popularity in Pakistan, Telenor officially reports covering over 80% of Pakistan’s population, that is 43 million customers. They make available on or MobileRecharge app Telenor Bundle for Pakistani expats willing to send data balance to their relatives in Pakistan. Of course, minutes are also included.

You can choose besides 2 options aka 2 packs, and the Telenor recharge is is instant, no matter which country you send it from.

online Telenor data balance


  • Go to or install the MobileRecharge app for free, and open a free account in seconds.
  • Fill in the details of your recharge (name, phone number in Pakistan, amount)
  • Hit RECHARGE NOW button and make the easy and safe payment using any major card or PayPal.

Open your free account >>

How to send Ufone internet packages from abroad

Starting at $6 you can send your folks in Pakistan craving for Ufone internet on their phones 8 GB for general use data, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line, valid for 30 days.

If you care to send more, there’s a second option at $12 per pack and 12 GB of data.Ufone internet packages

Or go for one of the Ufone packages with minutes and data

Ufone balance from abroad

Make a quick and safe order using PayPal or any major card >>

Wrap up

Next time you hear “I’m running out of credit” right after“Main ap ko yad karta hun” remember or MobileRecharge app.

It will take you seconds only to data recharge Zong mobiles, Ufone or Telenor and help your folks in Pakistan get easy access to the internet. Besides data, there’s also prepaid credit ready for your top up, as well as mix packs with data and minutes for Pakistan. All operators: Zong, Ufone, Telenor, Jazz and Warid.

Btw,  you’ll get 400% Bonus if you top up Jazz Pakistan until the end of July 2020.

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