Hurry up! Deals for Expats who want to send mobile credit abroad in June

Money leaving the country! But there’s not only money. In 2017, Latinos were sending more money than ever back home. Remittances as it’s called. Many countries rely on this money sent by expats. Globally, the values grew from $296 billion in 2007 to $445 billion in 2016, according to a new report released by the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development.  And that represents about 15% of how much a migrant worker earns. But guess what! Besides money, there is also mobile credit from abroad. The best part about this type of long-distance gift is that there are real deals for expats.

On alone, there are daily promotions. And June is famous for deals for expats coming from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Deals for expats coming from Colombia

If you’re a Colombian abroad hunting deals for expats, we’ve got you covered. The local operators in Colombia add extra credit automatically to your mobile credit for your family or friends there. We’re talking about Movistar and Claro. Top-ups to Movistar TRIPLES your order of $5 minimum, while top-ups to Claro get additional balance on orders of minimum COP 20000.


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Movistar bonus includes 20 international minutes to call USA, Canada and Puerto Rico and expires in 5 days from reception.

Claro bonus comes with a twist. You’ll need to pay attention to the phone number ending digit to get the right day when bonus applies. For example, if the number you need to recharge as a gift or an unconditional surprise ends in 0 or 1, consider making your top-up on Monday.

Hey, there’s one more trick. No worries if your friend or dad in Colombia does not receive your air time within 24 hours. That’s the way the promo works! They will get the Claro credit 24 hours after you’ve submitted your recharge. Also, mind that the promotional balance applies for any destination, whether mobile and landlines, but only for those in Colombia using a Prepago Amigo Plan.

500% FREE EXTRA credit for top-ups to Guatemala

To be more specific, to your friends / family in Guatemala using Movistar. It takes few steps and less than 1 minute on to order a minimum of GTQ 50 and send GTQ 50 + 500% more for free. The bonus to subscribers in Guatemala applies immediately on their prepaid ATH plan and Cero Clavos, and it is available for the following 30 days. Sounds good, right?

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Now, mind that you need to enter a game here. It seems Movistar is pretty playful with its promo. The bonus applies as follows:

  • 100% more for top-ups made on June 27, 28 and July 1.
  • 500% more and free applies on June 26 and June 29.

Tigo Guatemala doesn’t miss a beat either! For top-ups from abroad to their subscribers they offer 200% free extra calls and SMS to the USA until the end of June, 2018. Bonus is available for 30 days, and applies immediately after you carry out your order on Oh, by the way, no contract needed!

The only ones that cannot get your bonus are Guatemalans using Tigo credit for browsing, Paquetigos, Backtones, Give Me Balance. Hope that’s alright with you, guys and ladies!

400% MORE credit for your folks in Panama

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No joke about it! It’s part of the real deals for expats from Panama!

All top-ups send via for someone in Panama until June 30, 2018, gets 400% more credit for free. All you need to do to gran the offer is make an order of minimum $5. Cool!

Send NIO 300 to Nicaragua, and they’ll get up to 400% MORE fresh credit

A Nicaraguan cerveza would be such a fresh reward abroad. Some fresh credit would make it right.

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A beautiful entry in the raw called  “deals for expats” is also the new Movistar promo on All top-ups from abroad to a Nicaraguan prepaid Movistar number, get 200%, 300% or 400% more credit for free… IF the minim amount you decide to send is NIO 300 or more.

There’s a twist! The bonus differs according to the day. If you hurry up, and send your recharge on June 27 or July 1, your folk in Nicaragua gets 200% more. Are you busy with kids or dancing classes? That’s even better! Make your top-up on June 28, the bonus is 300% more the amount you send. What’s your plan for June 26, 29 or June 30? How about 400% Bonus on your top-up to a Movistar Nicaragua phone number? So, we’ve got a plan. Let us know how it went. ;)

Big Cocktail Bonus for your top-up to El Salvador


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The flying fish of El Salvador are back in town! Well, back on Top-ups to Movistar El Salvador sent from abroad get extra browsing,  Whatsapp, domestic and international minutes, social media data, and more! Top-ups of $5 (EUR 5) plus the fee, bring your folks in El Salvador the $5.00 main balance + 50 calling minutes for all networks / USA / Canada + 350 MB for social networks for 5 days + Whatsapp for 30 days. Wow, right?


Costa Rica! Here it comes: 100% MORE and Whatsapp data

For your top-ups of CRC 5000 or more, your Costa Rican friends will receive double the balance + 7 days of Whatsapp. The deal is available until June 30, 2018. Better recharge twice, than think twice this time! ;)

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How to grab the bonus?

  1. Get the number you want to recharge, and make sure it’s a prepaid one.
  2. No worries, no contract needed. Make sure you have a free account to benefit of any of the deals for expats on Promotions page on
  3. Fill in the ONLINE FORM. It takes seconds. And proceed to payment using PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. That’s it!

Or try the MobileRecharge app for Android or iOS if you’re a smartphone fan on the run.


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