Up to 90 CUC Cubacel Bonus for Cubans during World Cup

Cuban soccer fans mostly choose to support Argentina and Brazil traditionally, based on their shared Latino roots. But lately, Germany and Spain, France and Holland as well. Most probably because of their recent great performance. And since World Cup is a big event for Latinos worldwide, it seems Cubacel also scores good Bonuses for their sporty Cuban fans abroad and their folks in Cuba. Just a warm-up… The new Cubacel promo is running between June 25 – 30, 2018, and it brings up to 90 CUC FREE extra credit for those who receive Cubacel credit from abroad.

How to back local communication in Cuba during World Cup 2018

How? By sending Cubacel credit with a twist. The twist is a great gift. For every top up of a mobile phone in Cuba, higher than 20 CUC, folks in Cuba get a Bonus. The Bonus ranges from 30 CUC to 90 CUC, depending on the value of the recharge. But don’t forget the match is running until June 30, so the promo ends earlier than World’s Cup which goes on until July 15. So, put both dates down in your agenda. ;)

  • If you play an order of 20 CUC –  30 CUC on MobileRecharge.com, your folks in Cuba get your amount plus 30 CUC extra for free.
  • Second option is to send 40 CUC or 50 CUC to add an automatic Bonus of 60 CUC for free.
  • Third option is mark a goal, and choose the best Cubacel bonus. Make an order of 60 CUC on MobileRecharge.com and get 90 CUC extra for FREE.

You actually give your family members and friends in Cuba the chance to comment over the matches, even though they join different groups to watch them. And trust us, there are plenty of these initiatives to get together and cheer the favorite squad.

Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

Some places in Havana have already made it public to World Cup fans to come and enjoy their favorite team’s matches at their locations. Restaurants 1830 are supporting the German team. La Chorrera, for instance, are also organising get togethers for Cubans to watch the matches there. According to Havana Times, their managers, already big fans of the German team in the World Cup, called their fans over there.

Who’s playing on the field this year?

Talking about the Cuban professionals on the field in Russia, count on Yanier Marquez, Jorge Clavelo and 21 more. Cuba is ranking 181 in the FIFA chart of positions.

Something great we found out while browsing for Cubacel promos this June is that the Cuba national football team is controlled by the Asociación de Fútbol de Cuba, affiliated to the Caribbean Football Union of CONCACAF, the first Caribbean team to make the World Cup in 1938. Wow, right? :)

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

Back to you, you can also be the main player in the field! During this Cubacel promo. :) Makes sense?
To make it easier for you to warm up for this Cubacel promo, make yourself a list of those back home you’d like to support and the budget at hand. Next, you can split it per person, according to their needs.

Go for the first league Bonuses

One thing is sure. It all depends on your budget and list of friends and family members you need to send Cubacel credit + bonus to. Right. In a nutshell, if:

But the jackpot is 130 CUC altogether, right on the Cubacel phone of someone you care for. To get the 90 CUC Bonus, you need to take 60 CUC out of your Latino-abroad pocket. But it’s worth it, if you imagine the talk and emotions they will cover for.

Don’t abandon the match, go for the minimum top up for your folks in Cuba

In other words, don’t miss the chance if you’re low on money, or you’ve got other priorities. Narrow down the list of beneficiaries in Cuba. Maybe there’s someone’s birthday, or one of your relatives is a great football fan. Double the joy by sending him the top up. And pick a low amount.

Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

  • An order of 20 CUC => 50 CUC altogether for the person in Cuba
  • Send 25 CUC and your relative gets a total of 55 CUC
  • Top up 30 CUC, and you get to send a total of 60 CUC, bonus included ;)
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