man lying in bed and reading the coronavirus news

Coping with the coronavirus panic and anxiety these days

Stress is the word here. We’ll discuss why it is as dangerous as COVID-19 and how to handle your rebellious mind. Plus, we’ll have some hands-on from the MobileRecharge team on how to cope with panic, stress and anxiety these days.

woman working at home with kids

Pandemic tips. Working at home with kids

Working at home with kids around during the isolation period this time of the year seems a mission impossible for many. Check out these tips.

woman looking out of the window

7 easy things you can do to keep emotionally fit in self-isolation:

Self-isolation during a pandemic seems self-imprisonment if the mind set is not adjusted to serve you. Here are some great ways to make the best of it.

empty shelves during Coronavirus pandemic

How to handle food & hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic

Homemade food during the Coronavirus pandemic, crazy recipies from the MobileRecharge team, tips on what to buy and how much.

4 Filipino challenges on YouTube

How do Americans react to Leche Flan? Can Filipino sing? And other challenges on YouTube about the Pinoy, before you send data to the Philippines.

Cuban musician talking to a foreigner

Music in Cuba

There are so many Google searches about music in Cuba, that also made us curious to dig deep. We won’t focus on statistics, but the answers themselves.

woman in Havana using 3G in Cuba

How to send 3G data to Cuba and a Bonus

Many Cubans send 3G to Cuba, others are still looking for the easiest way. Here are some tips on how to make your life easy and how to use promos at best.

people at the cinema

4 movies about long-distance love that the Oscars made us remember

The Oscars 2020 reminded us of 4 movies on long-distance relationships and more that you MUST watch if you’re an expat and the topic rings a bell.

proud woman in Cuba

Why foreign students and expats love Cuba

It’s hard to see the Cuban sun on TV. So, here’s the truth why people love Cuba, from foreigners’ own confessions, whether students or residents.

mexico mi amor text near cactus

Internet on your mobile top up to Mexico

Internet credit for your folks in Mexico. Sure! here are some options you’ve got available to send internet on your next mobile top up to Mexico.