woman holding her kid

5 ways I understood from my mother to be a good person

An intern working for expats share her 5 ways her mom made her be a better person, an idea that came when talking about offers for moms miles away.

woman working from home

Looking for work from home jobs. What options do I have?

Some lost their jobs in the COVID-19 lockdown, some started to reconsider working from home, so here’s a mini-guide for work from home jobs.

man from Cape Verde

From Cape Verde to other countries. 4 stories.

While foreigners come to Cape Verde to contribute to NGO’s, many locals move from Cape Verde to the USA, the Netherlands, or Portugal to upgrade their life or express their artistic self. Here are 4 stories that we loved…

mother's day in cuba during covid

How’s Cuba celebrating Mother’s Day during COVID

Street celebration is out of the question, yet Cubans have gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day during covid, as well as other stuff.

couple enjoying time out after lockdown

What‘s the first thing you’ll do after lockdown? MobileRecharge team speaks up

Whats the first thing you’ll do after lockdown? We’ve asked MobileRecharge team the same questions, and here are their answers.

Netflix on TV

Lockdown watchlist and free resources from MobileRecharge team

Netflix is not the only source out there for your lockdown watchlist. Try BBC, TEDTalks, documentary platforms, podcasts, and other free movie resources.

woman during coronavirus in Cuba

5 facts about coronavirus in Cuba and how we can help

How coronavirus in Cuba impacts life of our families and friends according to media news, and how we can help from the distance.

man lying in bed and reading the coronavirus news

Coping with the coronavirus panic and anxiety these days

Stress is the word here. We’ll discuss why it is as dangerous as COVID-19 and how to handle your rebellious mind. Plus, we’ll have some hands-on from the MobileRecharge team on how to cope with panic, stress and anxiety these days.

woman working at home with kids

Pandemic tips. Working at home with kids

Working at home with kids around during the isolation period this time of the year seems a mission impossible for many. Check out these tips.

woman looking out of the window

7 easy things you can do to keep emotionally fit in self-isolation:

Self-isolation during a pandemic seems self-imprisonment if the mind set is not adjusted to serve you. Here are some great ways to make the best of it.