Cubacel bonus in September on top ups from abroad: 1500-3000 CUP for free

September 22-25 is the season you can get Cubacel bonus in September for your folks in Cuba. All the details you need plus how to organize yourself.

Cubans in Miami

What’s life like for Cubans in Miami? Statistics and stories

What’s life like for Cubans in Miami? We take a look at statistics, a street video and Quora stories.

MobileRecharge team

MobileRecharge team talk about NEW BEGINNINGS in their lives: working abroad, new habits, new jobs

MobileRecharge team shares the experience of a 2-year old moving abroad, an expat student and other stories of new beginnings of their lives.

Cuba future predictions that are most important for Cubans overseas

In a time of Cuba protests, we dig deeper into causes but mostly into Cuba future predictions out there, from experts.

Digicel Haiti promo

Haitians abroad send free Digicel Haiti credit from abroad in August

Haitians abroad can send 400% free extra Digicel Haiti credit and data in seconds with the new promo. 4 times more than they pay for and 5 GB of data for free as well. The promo is available all August 2021.

How do Cuban communities in the USA and other countries use

Cuban communities use or the app for several purposes: to add balance to Cuban numbers in seconds, to keep their Cubacel number, send a last minute gift, or top up their own local number.

Black woman entrepreneur

4 Black Business stories that changed our world for the better

Some businesses have this power to impact more than others. And black-owned business heritage and present is part of this story. Let’s see some cases.

Mexican woman wearing a folk costume

How to get free credit and data BONUS on your Telcel recharge to Mexico from abroad?

Bonus for any Telcel recharge in July depending on the bundle: unlimited credit for national and international calls, free social media and 500

HOT DEAL for the Cuban diaspora: Cubacel triple recarga +++ for families in Cuba

Cubacel triple recarga coming up between July 27-31. Another new entry, just like the changes happening now in Cuba with all the protests and tension there.

couple in a video call

What makes long distance relationships work

We talk a lot about challenges in a long distance relationships. But what about the big pros? Unexpectedly, the statistics are looking better than we think. So, then what are we missing? Well, changes in expectations and personal philosophy on life on the one hand, gits and behavior management on the other, but there’s more to that. Such relationships seem to have what others lose in the long run or lack from the start.