Halloween is all about: creativity, new identity, tricks & treats as top ups from abroad

Halloween says a lot about us.
For example, that we remember people in our lives even when they’re absent and celebrate them openly, because Halloween is about Remembrance besides fun. We love adrenaline and can cope with apparent dangers, and really treat them creatively. That we take any chance to get inventive about the space we inhabit. That we can switch to a new identity than that of a colleague, a mother or a brother or a fine citizen, and loving it. That we have the drive to give gifts for friends and family whether close by or far away, and any occasion will do, because we need to make people happy and share our goods with them. And so on…

Why Halloween?

First, let’s recap: from the get go, Halloween has been the celebration dedicated to remembering people in our life and history who have passed away, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.

Today, Halloween is a complex phenomenon, of contraries, primarily observed in the Western world as a Christian feast. It’s a time of celebration and superstition, obviously a time of open minded acceptance of taboos, of what we do not know yet or fear.

Who celebrates it?

Whether you are living in the Western world as a native or a guest, or you are an American or Canadian expatriate bringing the celebration with you in the suitcase, October 31 is saved for Halloween. Thanks to the globalization of information, the event got more and more commercialized. It’s not only celebrated by Western natives and expats in the Western culture, but also by foreigners in their homeland who interacted with it through media. If you need to learn more about where and how it is celebrated, Wikipedia unfolds the truth in its article called “Geography of Halloween.”

There is no way to escape its fun today unless you escape the maddening crowd of the town or you prefer to put your daily mask on, instead of a different character. Otherwise, public and private parties will absorb your silhouette in, while echoing their music, laughter and noise out in the street.

Playing hooky from your daily life

Did it ever crossed your mind to erase your identity and start all over again? No doubt about it, Halloween is the one of the best occasions to test the trial version nowadays.

Mask on, what you feel has different shapes and shades on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. People will forget their regular story and will make up a new one for Halloween. More of a fusion state between who you think you are in general, and the potential you’ve stored within.

Plenty of creativity and no fear

Getting used to scary, bloody and horror costumes, make up, lyrics and movies is the Halloween routine. The gains?! We start treating fear differently, talking about scary topics in a more relaxed way. We bring taboos on the public stage, according to our needs. But also a time to with our scary taboos, which are eventually part of existence and life cycle.

Decorating your home, your desk or your bike on Halloween is a moment of creativity. Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns makes it obviously on the peak of dexterity, arranging lighting bonfires is a game of visual design. Apple bobbing is makes you famous, and keeps you on Vitamin C. Visiting haunted house attractions makes it interesting and informing. Playing pranks is fun, friendly, collaborative and above all humorous, at least for one part involved. Telling story keeps the adrenaline high, oh… and good does it feel!

What about tricks this year?

Remember your last tricks and pranks branded as “Halloween”? Well, yes, tricks are worth it, not only because they stimulate imagination, but they bound people in a humorous way. With a little effort everyone can gather ideas over some brainstorming and be a master chef of tricks and pranks.

Halloween treats in vogue: top ups from abroad!

Candies and decorations are fine when you’re living in the same town or house. But when people are apart, a touchy email will do. A personal video featuring you, or a collage of pictures as well…

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