Best way to travel to Cuba from USA, Spain or Canada

Ideas to easily find the right route, price and flight duration to Cuba from USA, Spain or Canada, where many Cubans live.

10 existential questions about the internet that will blow your mind

The internet wraps the entire planet and is stronger than any communication means ever. So, we couldn’t help wondering what’s the zero point, what if the internet could become self-aware, who controls it, and more.

How did Cuban Heritage impact the world?

The Cuban heritage is strong in Hispanic countries, Europe, Canada and especially the USA. Let’s see how Cubans changed the world for the better!

6 Stunning Facts about Coffee Lovers you didn’t know about

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100% EXTRA for FREE to recharge a phone in Ethiopia these days

Ethio Telecom supports Ethiopians abroad to recharge a phone in Ethiopia with 100% FREE credit on all top ups made on until October 3.

How people worldwide help hurricane Dorian survivors

While hurricane Dorian catastrophe is still unfolding in Bahamas, people join hands to ease the situation for the survivors. MobileRecharge too, among others. Let’s take a look.

Crowd of expats partying

This is why World Top Up Day became important for expats and fans of online phone top ups

In 2015, expats and international top up fans joined the first World Top Up Day event ever. After 5 years, it’s almost a movement. We’re now exploring why this day became so important for this social category.

blond woman taking pictures in Havana, Cuba

What makes foreigners raise their eyebrows about life in Cuba

Life in Cuba has many facets that Cubans find natural and foreigners surprising. Like blowing your nose in public or the 2 currencies. Here’s a fresh list of things that still impress tourists in Cuba.

The Latino Paradox & the craze to send DATA top ups to Latin America

Two hot Latino topics: the Latino Paradox explains why Latinos live longer than the rest, and why the craze to send DATA top ups to Latin America.

6 foreign movies about Cuba that will leave you breathless

A selection of foreign movies about Cuba that offer different perspectives, and have a wow casting like Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Patrick Swayze, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Harvey Keitel, etc.