Photo by Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash

Any Cuban abroad knows Cuba is more than cigars and dark skin colorful ladies, Fidel Castro and vintage cars. This week we find words hard to knot down, but are more sensitive to images, so we wandered what Cuban portraits we loved in the long run, and made a selection for you. Oh, and before we forget, Cubacel season is open between May 27 – June 1, 2019. For more details, check below, last chapter in this article about the Cuban spirit based on photos.

And secondly, the first beauty in the row of photos taken in Cuba is the cover itself. Photo credits: Ricardo IV Tamayo. We found it on Unsplash, where diverse photographers share their work. ;)

So, just thinking about it… Where would Cuba be in the world if it weren’t for the tourists and Cuban expats sharing their magical photos of Cuba? Did you ever thought of that? Check the news. You’ll see impersonal stories from Cuba move from white shirts to planes, and sometimes a Cuban festival or a cigar. The world needs to see more of the Cuban diversity…

Huffpost’s mixed-race portraits shared a hard-to-forget album of Cuban portraits. The album dates back in 2013, but it’s vivid and an evergreen that proves the mixed race context in Cuba. Check more about the topic on #5 in this article: 10 thinks people are curious to know about Cubans.

The gallery includes ones of the most beautiful and mysterious photos of Cuban citizens we have ever seen, maybe besides Mihaela Noroc’s street portraits of Cuban women. There’s some kind of diversity and modesty that flip flops our minds. :)

WheresTheGringo Cuban pics also compiled a set of photos of Cuban people that knocked us out. So, we thought of sharing some with you here. Let’s start with a Folk dancer, some traditional African folk dancers, a professional Cuban rastafarian called Adriano, all from Santiago de Cuba. Next, we’ll move to Havana on the map to see some chess players in the streets of Cuba.

Cuban women by The Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc is the Romanian photographer behind this project that is now worldwide famous: The Atlas of Beauty. She has been traveling the world hunting women portraits and creating a connection she talks about in her books, mainly the descriptive text besides the photos. Cuban women are diverse and beautiful, and their diverse preoccupations spring out the photo canva. ;) We are officially fans of Atlas of Beauty when it comes to Cuban portraits, but not only. :) Here are some samples!

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