Send free mobile recharge and support the victims of typhoon Haiyan, Philippines

Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines need our help! Until December 31, anyone can send free online mobile recharges as donations to Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation through a Smart network number. We can support the disaster recovery and send free mobile recharge to the number +63 999 7000 000. The top up amounts will be immediately converted into money, and money will be donated to people in Philippines affected by the strong tropical cyclone of last November.

This promotion brings good news in two ways. First, by hosting this promotion we try to enhance long-distance donations, and especially donations to victims in Philippines. Secondly, we support customers’ feedback to send free mobile recharge to any Smart number in Philippines and thus make a gift to someone there. This promotion is available all through the fundraising campaign, till the end of December 2013.

The condition to send free mobile recharge as a donation to Philippines is to have an account on If you already have one, just log in and go to the page for online orders. Next, pick Philippines from the list, as if you sent a regular mobile recharge. If you do not have an account yet, it is as simple as ABC to open it. Just press “Sign in” (top menu bar) and then “Create a new account”.

Donations may range from $5 and $25, and most importantly, these recharges are free! In translation, no processing fee applies, and the amount sent to the Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation through the Smart network service in Philippines, is the exact amount people will benefit of.

Once you made up your mind to make a donation to Philippines, here is how it works. Log into your free account on, select Philippines from the drop down on the homepage, click on Smart network icon. You’ll be redirected to the mobile recharge page, so enter the number 999 7000 000, choose the value you want to donate, and press “Continue” to get to the check out. To send your donation, enter your credit/debit card details and press “Pay Now”.

What happens with the money sent? After making the international mobile recharge on, all donations will be credited to the state-owned Land Bank of the Philippines, more precisely to the bank account of the Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation. This is a well known association, with real impact, and one of the three identified institutional conduits approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

For those not really familiar to Typhoon Haiyan, this was an exceptionally powerful one, that devastated large portions of southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. It is the strongest ever recorded, killing at least 5,500 people in the Philippines alone. The locals are presently in huge need of help to restore their living conditions before the typhoon impact.

One quick reminder! If you have an account on you can send free mobile recharge, that is mobile credit, to your friends and family pertaining to Smart network in Philippines or send a donation of $5 to $25 to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Whatever you prefer!

Time is a good friend on The top up process takes less than 1 minute, which makes the service fast, simple and popular. We guarantee 100% transaction security and service satisfaction. Plus, customer support is always available. Customers can independently use a comprehensive Help Center or join the Community page. Also, the 24/7 Customer Service is reachable by chat and email in both English and Spanish.