Hooray! Best promotion ever for international Cubacel top ups!

Cuban friends, have you heard the news? This month Doble Bono has been replaced by a new promotion. It’s much better than the Doble Bono for at least one reason: for values of $15, the person in Cuba receives 40CUC, which is much much more than doble, right?

2 players & a great game!

Bonus: 25CUC extra & free
Sender: Cuban expat or a Cuban’s friend living outside Cuba, in the USA, Spain, Canada, Australia, Europe or other part of the world.
Beneficiary: Friends & family members of Cuban expats or Cuban fans :) living in Cuba and using a Cubacel mobile.

The Master of all Bonuses or the Super Bonus consists of 25CUC extra, that no one has to pay to get for free! As simple as 1, 2, 3. :) And the rhyme doesn’t stop here.

What also matches well with our expectations and a lot of feedback is the period. This time, the promotion on international Cubacel top ups  takes place between July 22 and July 29. Simple maths: 7 days instead of 4. Well done, testers! Because this is a test, a new thing even for Cubacel. And the best campaign so far.


More details!

What’s worth mentioning:

  • The promotional balance may be used for all services available to prepaid users (domestic and international calls, SMS, MMS, Nauta email etc).
  • The promotional amount must be used before August 31st, 2015 at 23:59 Cuba time.
  • Customers will receive 25 CUC bonus regardless of the denomination refilled (between 15 CUC to 50 CUC)
  • Main balance will keep same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date).

Super Bonus on (1)