7 must-know facts about the latest Cubacel promotion in May for Cubans and their families

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May 23-28 a new Cubacel promotion in May is ON. Is it doble recarga? Does my family in Cuba get data too? We answer these questions and more in this article. Here’s all you need to know about the recent Cubacel promotion in May 2022.

3 types of BONUSES this Cubacel promotion in May

This Cubacel promotion in May offers 3 types of Bonuses on MobileRecharge.com or the MobileRecharge app.
  • 5 GB + 60 Cubacel minutes for 500 CUP or 600 CUP purchases.
  • Oders ranging 700 CUP – 1125 CUP get the following bonus: 5 GB + 60 min + 1000 CUP.
  • 10 GB + 120 min + 1000 CUP when you send 1250 CUP.
So, basically, if you care to send data and minutes choose 500 CUP or 600 CUP when you use MobileRecharge.com or the MobileRecharge app to send Cubacel balance to Cuba (May 23-28). And if you need an extra amount of minutes for your talkative relatives, we recommend picking up the higher values on MobileRecharge.com, like 700 CUP, 1125 CUP, or 1250 CUP. 
Need guidance to decide which bonus to send? Here’s an older article on how much data different types of customers use.

Validity ranges from main balance to bonus: 30 – 330 days

Data (GB) and Minutes BONUS will be valid for 30 days, counted from the date when your top-up arrives to your relative in Cuba. But hey, please consider that the main balance is more generous: 330 days.

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More about the BONUS:

Some old good stuff stay the same. Someone can receive several recharges in the promotional period, of course.

Some Cubacel credit can be transferred, some cannot

Once your top-up gets to Cuba, the beneficiary can transfer the main balance to the husband, niece, daughter or son, neighbor, and so on. But the bonus cannot go to another cell line; it is only for the consumption of the line that was recharged.

If your family still has some BONUS balance from previous promos, whether data or minutes, that’s cool! Because if they also get the bonus of the recent Cubacel promotion in May that will add up to the active bonuses already in use.  Makes sense?

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What about Cubans using a combined plan (national + international), a Voice plan, or an LTE package?
Say they receive the recent Cubacel promotion bonus from abroad. The expiration date will be extended to 30 days, counted from the moment the recharge arrives (Cuba time).
But, Cubans who have SMS plans or Combos do not benefit from the validity date extension.

Squeeze the maximum bonus out of the Cubacel promotion in May

What to do? Multiple Cubacel recargas of course. And in this case the last of these top-ups will be the reference for the 30-day validity count.

Also, you can send several top-ups of 1250 CUP or 1250 CUP. Wanna hear the secret? We’re splitting these orders for you so that you receive the maximum bonus possible. And since it’s extra engineering, please don’t get mad for the delay. Yes, credit waves may arrive several minutes apart.

Conditions to make multiple top-ups this Cubacel promotion in May

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There’s a condition to fulfill to be able to recharge and receive the sum of the main balance and the bonds associated with it.

  • Main account: max 500,000 CUP
  • Bonus money: max 500,000 CUP
  • Minute bonus: max 8,575 Min (514,500 seconds)
  • SMS Bonus: max 33,335 SMS

If you exceed these figures, you will not be able to continue recharging during this Cubacel promotion in May.

Notifications for you & your relatives in Cuba

The first one we recommend is the free SMS in the online form you fill in to send credit with MobileRecharge. Make sure you send that too along your top-up to Cuba. The option is available during this Cubacel promotion in May, as well as the rest of the year. OK, that’s for your folks.

You can also get email notifications about the deals (including the Cubacel promotion in May) if you set “Special offers” ON in your account.


The second notification your Cuban fellows get is about the status of the main balance and the activation of the bonuses. That’s not your duty, it’s on Cubacel.

Thirdly, your relative in Cuba receives a time threshold SMS saying there are a few days left for the deadline to be fulfilled, bond expiration date.

Anyone can check out the bonus at *222*266# or *222*BON#. Both inquiries are free of cost for your folks in Cuba you send Cubacel credit to.

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