How to buy Boomplay music for your family or friends in Africa in seconds

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Good news for many African expats looking for affordable yet significant gifts for people back home. added the Boomplay gift cards to the website and the app. Anyone can send that in a second, plus there’s a variety to choose from according to budget. The important thing is that it offers music credit that gets to a friend or family member in Africa in a minute or so.

For those not very familiar with Boomplay, imagine this. The platform is similar in terms of functionality and popularity to Spotify, Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, or Amazon Music in the USA or other parts of the world.

Buy Boomplay with in seconds

Check all the countries ready to receive Bomplay credit from abroad down below. Also, such products are all credit products, so users can decide how to use the respective credit, but please note they are not subscriptions.

Why do other expats buy Boomplay gift cards on

African music on Boomplay with MobileRecharge GIFT CARDS

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Boomplay is a music streaming and downloading platform that was launched in 2015 in Nigeria and is currently available in several African countries: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Senegal, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Mali, Uganda

People may send Boomplay music to Africa for various reasons, including to:

  1. Share music with friends and family: Boomplay has a large collection of African music, including local and international artists, making it a popular platform for sharing music with loved ones in Africa.
  2. Support African artists: Boomplay has partnerships with several African music labels and artists, providing them with a platform to distribute and monetize their music. By sending Boomplay music to Africa, people may be supporting the African music industry and its artists.
  3. Access African music from anywhere in the world. For those of you who are not based in Africa, sending Boomplay music to Africa may be a way to discover and access African music that may not be available on other platforms.
  4. Promote cultural exchange, since music can be a powerful tool in this sense. Fostering connections between people from different parts of the world is so easy on Boomplay. Check this out: by sending Boomplay music to Africa, people may be promoting cultural exchange and the necessary appreciation.

It’s important to note that the availability of Boomplay in Africa may vary by country, and you should check if the service is available in a specific African country you’re interested in.

How to buy Boomplay gifts for pals or family members in Africa?

Boomplay gift cards on or MobileRecharge app

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If you want to buy a Boomplay credit for someone in Africa, we recommend you get a Boomplay gift card on or the MobileRecharge app.

So please note it is a PIN-based mobile recharge product (at least for the time being). The beneficiary in Africa will receive a PIN by SMS and with that PIN they can buy a subscription for the premium version of the Boomplay service. They will be able to redeem the code from the app and/or browser version of the service. The sender (you) who places the order can also find the code on their invoice.

Boomplay gift cards are available from any country as long as you have access to the internet. You don’t need to consider the currency exchange rate, but instead, the small processing fee that makes possible the instant load, despite multiple international transactions behind the scene.

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Wrap up if you are short on time

Starting February 2023, helps fans also buy Boomplay gift cards for users in some African countries besides mobile phone credit and data plans for various mobile network operators.

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If you want to buy a Boomplay gift card for someone, here’s what to consider:

  • Send the Boomplay credit from the MobileRecharge app or in seconds.
  • The account on is free, no contract involved, and if you Special Offers by email ON, you get cool deals.
  • You can choose the amount of the gift card and provide the recipient’s phone number, it’s all done a minute at most.
  • They will receive a message with the gift card details and instructions on how to redeem it.
  • You can buy Boomplay gift cards from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.
  • A processing fee applies (minimal, and the lowest on the market) since several international transactions cover your super-easy purchase.
  • Here’s the list of countries you can send Boomplay gift cards to:
    • Angola
    • Benin
    • Botswana
    • Burkina Faso
    • Burundi
    • Cameroon
    • Central African Republic
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Egypt
    • Ethiopia
    • Nigeria
    • Gambia
    • Ghana,
    • Guinea
    • Kenya
    • Liberia
    • Senegal
    • South Africa
    • Ivory Coast
    • Zimbabwe
    • Zambia
    • Mozambique
    • Mali
    • Uganda