How to keep your Pokemon Go running by adding data in seconds from MobileRecharge app


Pokemon GoThe latest craze got us all to a certain extent, and that includes peeking into the app out of curiosity. Pokemon Go is officially the unstoppable force that mesmerised the smartphone planet, from hardcore and casual gamers to housewives, diligent workers, tired commuters and tech rookies. It’s a digital pandemic, I’m telling you. :)

The Internet is running like water to feed the game on people’s smartphones, which is totally dependent on 3G or 4G. That’s why we added MobileRecharge app, powered by, next to Pokemon Go icon on the phone screen, to be able to add credit in seconds without interrupting the game. Of course, not everyone has data included in their credit balance with their local operators, but this piece of information is for those who do. 

Talking about people who play / live Pokemon Go:

  • This month alone, the app has been the top app in more than 30 countries.
  • It has dominated the App Store and Google Play charts for about 20 days in the USA.
  • Oh, and it has been estimated that Pokemon Go has been downloaded 75 million times according to, based on Analytics data.

Getting back to the talk about data, Pokemon Go is totally dependent on Internet, as we were saying. WiFi is not the best option here, because walking around is vital in the Pokemon arena and 3G is the only Internet on the go. No quest for Pokemon without 3G or 4G.  

The fun part about it is that people do not hide this curiosity or game-drive. It’s all in their vocabulary and  Paul Tassi, a contributor for the famous Forbes confesses he has been spending the past 48 hours or so as Pokemon time: “I have a bunch of 500+ CP Pokemon and have won and lost three gyms at this point.”

What MobileRecharge app can do for your Pokemon Go

  1. Pokemon GoMobileRecharge app helps you recharge your phone with local credit in only few seconds without interrupting your game.
  2. It never crashes, and always delivers local credit to keep your data resources up for your Pokemon Go app.
  3. It spares you of going to the store to get yourself some more data credit, or even open the laptop for that.
  4. It is available with operators in more than 135+ countries and 400+ local operators (Orange, Movistar, Smart, Lycamobile, Verizon, T-Mobile, Simple, at&t, Black Wireless, Ultra Mobile, Tigo, Claro, Digicel, etc.
  5. It’s free to install, no contract needed or any other constraints.
  6. There are daily Bonuses for refills all over the world, that amount to 700% extra phone credit.
  7. It saves you trouble, besides time, since it is online. And we like it online! :)
  8. It works on Android and iOS devices.
  9. It offers 24/7 Customer Support for any of your questions.
  10. Facebook contests and Bonuses available on the Facebook page.
  11. Powered by, the top up service with more than 10 years experience.
  12. It is certified with “Verified and Secured”.

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