How to send free credit as Bonus to a Telcel mobile in Mexico


A Mexican abroad. Is that you? :) Oh, great!
Because we’ve got some good news and some more good news for you and your friends or family back home.

You can send mobile credit to mobiles in Mexico.


And add up to 700% free extra credit when you refill a Telcel mobile in Mexico.


Let’s be more specific. Say, your niece or dad has a Telecel prepay mobile in Mexico. They are Mexicans, so they are talkative. You are Mexican, so you are inevitably a generous uncle and son, and you find it natural to support them by sending mobile credit. Because “Eres mexicano si te resulta fácil compartir.” :)

So, send them $10 worth mobile credit. It may be on their birthday, or Assumption of Mary (Día de la Asunción de María) or just a good day to show you care. No matter the occasion, you automatically add one of the following Bonuses besides the initial amount selected:



More about the Bonus for Telcel mobiles Super Bonus on (3)

The person in Mexico is kindly asked to use the gift or the Bonus within 60 days.

The Bonus consist of:

  • local and national calls in Mexico to any fix number, Telcel or other Mobile Operators
  • national text messaging (SMS)
  • national Internet use


Some subscribers in Mexico will receive MXN $250 Bonus for refills of $50. We’re talking about users of a Telcel mobile subscribed to the following plans:

  • Cobro por Llamada
  • Combinado 20

Sorry! But the Bonus does not apply to plans like:

  • Amigo Optimo
  • Amigo Tú
  • Amigo On life
  • Amigo por Segundo

There are 3 simple things you need to do first!

Before proceeding to payment and pressing the button “Send Mobile Recharge” to a Telcel mobile in Mexico, please consider these 3 aspects.

  • Make sure you have a free account opened on It takes less than a minute, promise!
  • Go to the website and fill in the online form: select Telcel, enter the number in Mexico you want to top up, make sure it’s a prepaid number, pick the amount you find affordable of minimum $10. It can be $10, or $15, $20, $30, $50.
  • Watch out! Don’t press “Continue” immediately, because there is one more great feature and it’s free. Check the box “Let them know you recharged their mobile. Send SMS to:” Remember to enter the same the number as the one you recharge. :) Otherwise it may get funny.

Of, course, since the FREE SMS is also private, you can add any sweet words you care for. ;)

What other mobiles in Mexico can I top up?

Besides the Telcel mobiles, there is a range of other major operators that welcome top ups from abroad:

  • Movistar
  • Unefon
  • Iusacell
  • Nextel