How to get the Best Cubacel Bonus during a Cubacel Promotion

We all hunt deals. It’s human nature. :) Also, something we all have in common, no matter our heritage, age, or social background. But there are ways to grab the best deal in a pool of offers. The Cubacel promotion running on until September 16 is a good study case.

As you may know, especially if you’re Cuban, the standard Bonus during the new Cubacel promotion is 30 CUC FREE & EXTRA Cubacel credit for any top up between 20 – 60 CUC. What this means is that Cubacel adds 30 CUC Bonus when you make a 20-60 CUC mobile recharge by the end of this Cubacel promotion, September 16.

BUT on the Bonus is larger! 

OK, but what if deal experts take it as a game and make nice combinations?  MobileRecharge team made it possible to make a 40 CUC top up and get 100 CUC Bonus.

The mechanism is based on the Split Rule of this game. :) Any 40 CUC order is automatically split into 2 separate 20 CUC top ups. That means you get the 30 CUC Bonus twice. So, offers you more than 30 CUC Bonus. The system is well set up as to split the order for you!

Cubacel promotionWhat’s really important to remember is to make a larger top up instead of a small one like 20 CUC top up. Then, let us split it for you! You pay 40 CUC (not 20 CUC) and you get to send 60 CUC Bonus, instead of 30 CUC. 

The Bonus applies twice but you only pay once. And since the whole point is to let us split it, just pick higher amounts to recharge, if you want larger Bonuses:

  • You send 40 CUC, they receive 100 CUC
  • You send 60 CUC, they receive 150 CUC

So, we split your 40 CUC into 2 recharges, and get yourself a 30 CUC Bonus for each. It’s 60 CUC Bonus altogether!

But wait, you and us can do better!

Get the Maximum 150 CUC!

If you make a “recarga Cubacel” as Cubans say, of 60 CUC, we split it 3 times for you, and you get 3 times the 30 CUC, that is 90. Let’s do the math: 60+30+30+30=150 CUC instantly for your dad, or mom, or friend’s Cubacel phone. Voila! And that’s the best deal possible.

Get the Best Bonus validity

Cubacel promotionThis is an important aspect of many promotions, including this Cubacel promotion. The bonus credit may be huge, but the validity period may be too short. If that is the case, the value means nothing since there is no realistic time to allow the beneficiary to use the mobile credit received.

The good news is that the bonus balance on during this Cubacel promotion can be used until October 31, 2016. The friend or parent in Cuba receiving the bonus will have more than a month to spend the extra Cubacel credit. Oh, one more thing! The Bonus may arrive a few minutes apart, no worries!

Wrap up

The Cubacel bonus is officially 30 CUC. That’s how much Cubacel is offering. But a smart system like can turn a Bonus into a Super Hyper Bonus, by splitting a 40 CUC and 60 CUC recarga and adding the Bonus twice. So, if you order 40 CUC on for your friend’s or family’s Cubacel phone, we’ll send 100 CUC. For a 60 CUC order, you get to send the maximum 150 CUC. See, that’s what we mean by Super Hyper Bonus. But what makes the Bonus of this Cubacel promotion even more attractive is the validity period: one month and a half. That’s a BIG Deal in the good sense of the phrase!

Cubacel promotion