4 smart ways to send FREE Cubacel credit to Cuba in January

If you are Cuban, you may have heard “En mis tiempos…” Cubacel didn’t have any promotions. Well, maybe that’s why, “Doble Bono,” “Cubacel recargas” in general or “Cubacel triple saldo” in particular are so famous nowadays. The next promotion starting on January 25th (2016), offers 30 CUC as free Cubacel credit for international and national calls.

Free credit bonus from Cubacel became a cross-border tradition. There is even a game lately on what combination of amounts and number of top ups to make to get the best free Cubacel credit. It’s almost a real life championship, which brings to life relationships, and switches adrenaline ON. Not to mention the boost of generosity of all the Cubans who send mobile credit these days to grab the Bonus.

So here are 5 scenarios that’ll rock your Cubacel Bonus, and keep within your budget.

#1 Order 20 CUC, send 50

In simple math terms, there are 30 CUC free credit that you send automatically when you fill in the online form and decide to transfer $22 dollars

#2 Order 20 CUC twice, send 100 CUC

Remember to mind the promotional period; January 25-29, until the end of the day, Cuba time.  

#3 Order 30 CUC, send 60 CUC


#4 Order 30 CUC twice, and send 120


What to know about the January 25-29 Cubacel Promotion

FREE Cubacel credit