5 things Cuban expats do to show their folks in Cuba they care

According to migrationsmap.net there were over 1 billion Cuban expats worldwide. Some managed to bring their families along, but most of them still struggle to reunite or settled with the situation that long-distance relationship is like any other relationship. How can they keep in touch and prove they care despite the distance?

Far away from the Face-to-Face Land, we gathered 7 Cuban ways to cope with “long time no see” and showing affection and love.

#1 Cubans show their emotions openly, yes-phone or no-phone

CUBAN_GUYNobody in the world can claim the contrary: Cubans are among the most talkative nations, but they speak their heart out like no one else. Even if they are far away, emotions and emoticons find their way easily among phone keys or handwritten letters. It’s like Cubans have been born to share and teach human feelings. That’s the best way they can prove to care… by using words.

#2 They bring “magic gifts” when they visit Cuba on holiday

Cubans think that small things make a difference, and many of us think the same. It may be surprising for many who have not been born and raised in Cuba, but Cubans love to bring home such gifts as special personal objects: toothbrushes for kids with fun accessories like Superman, sprays and perfumes or any good cosmetics for moms and sisters and even grandmas, mouthwash and floss for the pragmatic ones, colourful hair scrunchies for some elegant nephews. The list may go on. According to an article on Tripcentral.ca, things that are most appreciated as gifts from abroad include the above as well as coffee or tea mugs. Now, who wouldn’t appreciate those! They are never too little or too many.

#3 They take full advantage of every Cubacel promotion

Cubans support their families back home. Friends are also part of family, so they are on their list too. Not only do they send money to Cuba and give advice, but topping up a mobile from abroad is very popular too.

20 CUC (what you order) + 30 CUC = 50 CUC to Cuba
25 CUC + 30 CUC = 55 to Cuba
30 CUC + 30 CUC = 60 CUC to Cuba
40 CUC + 60 CUC = 100 CUC to Cuba
50 CUC + 60 CUC = 110 CUC to Cuba
60 CUC + 90 CUC = 150 CUC to Cuba

MobileRecharge.com hosts a Cubacel promotion almost every month to facilitates international top ups to Cubacel. Until two months ago, Doble Bono was the catchy Bonus, but starting last month the Special Bonus revolutionized the market in terms of value. Here is an example. The regular Bonus so far was 100% free extra credit that Cuban expats sent home to Cuba as a Bonus that applied on each recharge.

In August, the Cubacel promotion starts on August 24 and lasts till August 28. This campaign brings more than a Double Bonus, especially if one sends multiple recharges to Cubacel mobiles in Cuba.

 What differs from the past campaigns is that the Bonus is received by the friend or relative in Cuba later than the actual / main amount.

carnival#4 They keep traditions alive, no matter where they are

A most authentic way to tell folks and friends back home they care, is to celebrate all major Cuban holidays. They even turned them into festivals, and attractive parties all over the USA. Besides the Carnival, the other major Cuban holidays that Cuban expats celebrate on the other side of the borders are the Independence Day, Easter and Christmas, Children’s Day and New Years Day, just to mention the popular ones. 

#5 Cubans “hide” something from Cuba with/in them

coffee-cup-mug-drink-largeCubans care about Cuban things as reminders of their identity. Even if they adapt very fast to the new country they moved to, Cubans never ever want to forget or leave behind their Cuban story and memories. They “hide” something from Cuba in their home or pocket, that is an innocent way of putting it… Any Cuban has a souvenir from childhood he or she brought with them when they moved to the USA, Canada, Europe or any other part of the world.  

Some choose to bring something precious from their adolescence, others grab a souvenir on their vacation to Cuba. Maybe a handmade dish, a bottle of Mariposa eau de toilette, Cuban CDs, clothing items or something they are emotionally attached to.

If you decide to go for #3 these days…

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