Top 5 fastest things in 2014: Japanese train, Cubacel Double Bonus and a few more

Is speed good or bad?

We often say that time is flying when we are absorbed in a conversation or even work. And at that point we perceive “speed.” It is sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant, depending on our impression of people involved, our benefits and emotional rewards in that specific situation.

Speed has its minuses. Mahatma Gandhi used to say: “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” His statement seems to be a manifesto against superficiality though, emphasizing the importance of not rushing through the events of life.  Instead take easy steps and live consciously and carefully.

It seems trust has a lot to do with speed in a good way. More precisely, in terms of immediate good results.  We talk of efficiency in a team that leads to quick results. We trust, we talk, we act, we get. So, here is good speed.

But most clearly, speed is a happy scenario when it comes to over-passing limits. This is so obvious in sports or technology. So, here are 5 examples of fastest things or beings in 2014.

1. The Japanese JR-Maglev

This fastest train is a Japanese train that reached over 360mph (581km/h) on a magnetic levitation track with the help of repulsive-type electrodynamic suspension.

2. Ed Sheeran’s X album

The singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran’s album called X, pronounced as “Multiply,” has been labeled as the fastest selling album of 2014, “breaking Coldplay’s first-week sales record for the year” according to The Guardian. He is soon followed by Sam Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour,” Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” and Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories.”

3. Instant top ups to Cuba mobiles 

Mobile Recharges to Cubacel proved as fast as a “instant” when it comes to auto-processed orders. Sometimes it gets immediate instead of instant, during the famous Doble Bono promotions due to the high number of people making recharges that get 100% free extra credit. It will be the same with the following promotion between December 26-29, which is the last one of this year, and a great occasion for Cubans outside the country to send gifts to family and friends back home.

4. Cheetahs

They are still the amazing result of evolution being the fastest land animals in the whole world and a marvel among the large cats of Africa. They reach up to 75 miles per hour, and are able to accelerate even faster than most production cars. A cheetah’s long-legged body proves they have been naturally programmed to run.

5. Fastest speaker 

According to Wikipedia Steve Woodmore is still the fastest talker. In his 50’s, Steve Woodmore is known for his rapid speech articulation. More precisely 637 words per minute, when the normal speed is about 150–160 words per minute, which is the range that people comfortably hear and vocalize words. According to the world’s fastest talking woman in 2014 is Fran Capo: 11 words per second, that is 660 words per minute. She managed to tell the story of The Three Little Pigs in 15 seconds flat.