Have you discovered the Cuban treasure? Recharge Cuba and…

…the mystery shall be revealed right in front of your eyes! Because this week, the DOUBLE BONUS is the Cuban treasure on MobileRecharge.com! It lasts more than the mystical three-days period well-known in the fairy tales! It lasts 4 days, from September 22nd until September 25th.
And just like in fairy tales, the top up value DOUBLES! You pay $22 to recharge a Cubacel mobile and the prepaid subscriber receives 40 CUC.

The rules you have to comply with in order to get the Cuban treasure are simple and straightforward:

  1. The minimum amount to recharge Cubacel is $22
  2. Recharges must range from $22 to $55
  3. Recharge Cuba mobiles starting September 22nd until September 25th.

And if the double is not enough, we will tempt you with other great free features you will find on MobileRecharge.com

  • 24/7 Customer Support, plus a useful Help Center
  • Payment available through PayPal or using any major debit/credit card in Euro, USD, AUD, GBP
  • All orders available in your online account, invoices included too
  • Security system is one of the strongest; 12 years of online experience helped develop filters to protect transactions and privacy

Now, if you’re convinced about the great features of our Cubacel promotion, you may introduce it to your friends! So, let’s spread the word among Cuban customers living outside their mother country to help them send double top ups and therefore, double joy, to the loved ones back home in Cuba. So, recharge Cuba and get the Cuban treasure!