Play well when you send Mobile Credit to Cuba during this Promotion, Nov 14-18

Mobile credit transfers to Cuba have certain rules and tricks like any smart game on the planet. has optimised the Bonus by splitting the recharges for you when you send mobile credit to Cuba. More recharges, more Bonus. No rocket science, just some math and some new settings.

The sport of sending online credit to someone in Cuba needs to be played wisely. Here is a best practice for successful transactions during the promotion.

Rule #1. Choose the Bonus that best suits your Cuban friend or family member

Cubans are talkative, but some are more talkative than others. So, picking the best Bonus, in this case 90 CUC, saves you more money than the other top up amounts. Check the photo for a simple calculation. You’ll see. It’s like choosing the right equipment for your size.
mobile credit to Cuba










Rule #2. Double check the details you enter

When you enter the details of the Cubacel mobile you want to recharge on or on the MobileRecharge app, make sure you get the right info: the correct phone number, country code, prepay or not. This is essential just like the warm up in sport or being informed about the strategy you’re going to apply in a game.

Banks are pretty rigid when it comes to returning the funds already process. technically speaking, it is almost impossible unless you have strong evidence. Long story short, it takes a lot of hassle to get your money back in case you mistook the number when you sent mobile credit to Cuba. Ooooups!

To avoid all the hassle, we advise you to double check the phone details you enter on your laptop, smartphone or tablet when you fill in the form to send credit to Cuba via

mobile credit to cubaRule #3. Write an SMS before you press Recharge NOW. It’s FREE.

Before you make the payment, and after you’ve entered all the necessary details of the mobile phone you want to recharge, you have the FREE option to send an SMS and let the person in Cuba know that the top up is from you.

Get personal with this free SMS, even if personal means “Hola, mama! Soy yo, Jose”

Rule #4. Don’t forget anyone on your list!

If you think they will forgive you, think twice! Kidding, of course. If you have a list with tia and mama, cousin Jose, etc, make sure you don’t skip anyone.

All in all

For best results when you send mobile credit to Cuba,

  • Get ready with the correct info first.
  • Make sure you have the right number.
  • Choose the amount that best suits you:
  • Double check the info selected in the online form on or the app.
  • It will only take few seconds to fill in the online form that leads to the instant top up of the Cubacel number. BUT, before you press the button, write a few words to the person you send the the recharge, since the SMS along the recharge is FREE.
  • Look over the  list with people you want to send mobile credit to, and make sure you covered everyone, before you get the Cuban call back.