How to measure love in long-distance relationships

Distance means so little when someone means so much!

Don’t feel guilty for measuring love! Scientists do it too. It’s a natural human drive to measure everything, in order to understand and improve life conditions. So, how do you measure love? How do you know your partner still cares about you?

Let’s be honest! Signals are easy to grasp when we talk face to face, hug or see each other every two days. It’s obvious the other cares when:
►she makes the tea when you’re ill
►he listens to you nagging him or sharing the best moments of your day
►when he brings flowers for no specific reason
►or makes you laugh to tears.

But what if one is far away?  How do we know he still cares or that she’s still in love? And what if the two are separated by an ocean or a continent, and not only a bunch of countries?

This is one of the greatest challenges couples experience. Sometimes, one of the partners leaves the country for one good reason, whether:
► an economical crisis at home
► or the need for personal adventure
► or studies
► or testing the grounds for a family start in a new environment that suits their style better
► or for political reasons.

Whatever the case, here are some questions to measure love when you’re away. Don’t stick to the questions though, act upon your findings:

How often do you call?

The voice is as physical as you can get when miles separate you. Now, the good part is that phone already exists since early 19th century starting with Alexander Graham Bell. Ring a bell? balance_final Call, and you shall prove your love, your affection.

The frequency is a matter of couple policy. Some call each other daily and seems OK, others find it desperate and insistent, which means only one of the two thinks this way, and should inform the other… Or some like dramatic tension and prefer talking more rarely. In this situation… the risk to lose contact step by step, making the other dispensable is high.

How often do you send a gift?

Communication is not only about words, as you can easily figure out. It’s about showing too. Actions though become a real challenge in long-distance relationships. Because distance is really an impediment when it comes to gestures.A Gift

Yet gifts are one way to solve the puzzle among others, of course. There are online solutions now: e-cards on certain occasions or just because… just because you have a thought and you care to wrap it up in a funny or personal way.

Online top ups are among the fastest gifts when you need to be spontaneous and not too romantic, although many find it pretty thoughtful if not highly romantic. Or as some put it, the new romantic trend for our century. You only need to enter the phone number you want to recharge with mobile credit and the surprise is instant. It takes 1 minute to enter the rest of the details. is the websites offering the best recharge value on the market.

How often do you show your support?

Whether moral and material it is an obvious proof you care. In other words, it is a clear sign of companionship or friendship. Answering the phone late at night when you’re partner is in need to talk is one form of moral support. Texting and asking for updates is another way to show you’re still there although not flash and bones.

MR_screenMaterial support can involve sending money for a specific cause or for daily matters. You can also refill you’re loved one’s mobile to save on their expenses or help them keep in touch with their friends or family, including you when the refill includes international minutes.

Need is basically the keyword here. Whatever the needs, reacting is a clear proof of what you feel. Then, also, watch out if you react out of duty or instinctively… That’s also a way to measure what you feel.

How often do you visit?

Traveling costs can be a huge impediment indeed. But there are many companies running promotions for those involved in long-distance relationships on certain occasions like Valentine’s Day or else.

How often do you take your partner on a vacation?

cuba_2There are friendly companies like or others that address expats and their families. They also offer packages for vacations besides visits-home tickets. And if it planned ahead, costs can be really affordable. It’s worth a try. These are the moments that really stick to people’s hearts and memory stock. “Dopamine is released when you’re doing something [highly] pleasurable,” says Larry J. Young, a psychiatry professor at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Atlanta’s Emory University. (Los Angeles Times article)

More questions? No comment

How often do you feel butterflies in your stomach when picturing that special person?
How often do you make plans in your mind that includes that person?
How often do you doubt the future of your long-distance relationship?


One thing is sure: physical distance is one thing, emotional distance is another and they are not equal unless it is what you want to make out of it all. There are ways to communicate and be part of someone’s story, although far away: mobile top ups as gifts with MobileRecharge app or on, low rate phone calls or texting with fair services like KeepCalling, flights home, e-cards, money transfers, vacations together, and all other things passing cross your imagination… Enjoy life together, no matter the boundaries!