7 non-standard ways to celebrate the 4th of July

Take a deep breath, this is a tough topic: independent ways to celebrate independence. On the 4th of July all USA will be red and blue with joy. A USA fan, a citizen or a resident, everyone will pick a way to celebrate the “land of all opportunities” and the “American dream” one way or another. We suggest something new and something old. Or in other words, 7 ways to break the tradition, without giving it up.

Let’s say you’ve tried parties and concerts, street parades and picnics before. And you feel like trying something new this year, to give you a sense of independence…


#1 Street parade… with your friendsstreet

No joke about it! Instead of following the parade flow like someone in the audience, make it about you! Take your friends for a walk on streets. Choose some cozy ones, the more quiet. Choose those streets that trigger a nice personal story in your mind or that mean something for your friends. It may be the first street you stepped on when you arrived in the city, or the street of your childhood, or the most attractive streets art corner of your neighborhood. Take your dog too, and some popcorn. Maybe one of your friends can prepare some salmon sandwiches, or some new recipe they’ve tried lately.

#2 Fireworks… on your dad’s or mom’s mobile

It can be a picture, but it can also be a more consistent gift. Try sending some mobile credit to people who need it. It’s piece of cake, and on the 4th of July cake is important. In other words, it takes less than 1 minute on MobileRecharge.com to top up . What’s in for you? Show care, make a surprise, and who knows, you may get a callback…

#3 Pack a picnic basket… with toysMR_app_general2

If you want to experience the independent spirit, try playing. Call your family or friends, take children along and organize a playground in the garden. No worries about barbecue, kids are not really fans of that. Have some fruit at hand, put a blanket on the ground and gather around your future Lego town.

Or start a contest. In mixed groups, adults and children along blindfolded can pick fruit from the orchard, or bottle caps in a given amount of time. Grandma or grandpa can be the judge and the time-holder.

#4 Getaway from the city… into your soul

4th of JulyIf all week you’ve dreamed of some time of your own, or some rest, it means you need to search within. Not necessarily to question your thoughts or plan something, which sounds like work anyway. But probably what you need is some active relaxation, connection with that person who’s most important in your life: YOURSELF. Because you are the source of your action, and your happiness depends on how you want to see things, to value them, nice time with yourself may only look like loneliness for a neighbor, because we’ve been taught that doing is living. But no, rest and give your body and mind what they need!

Don’t go with the mainstream. Pick an activity to match your soul, your real individual needs. Don’t do stuff just because everyone else does it. Instead, choose to read on the porch if you’ve been dreaming of that during your working hours. Or watch a movie that you’ve planned to for a while. Take the train and stop wherever you feel like, and be open to meet people, make space for some adventure. Go check a museum you pass by on your way to work. Who knows…

Instead of lighting up the grill… you may try to light up the fire of your imagination this year. Food will be there for the rest of the year to grab. Remember the guitar you’ve left in the garage, or the corner of a room? Maybe it’s time to pour out some suffering into a song… Just try! Most great song only need 4 chords.

Or, start painting if you ever wondered how it feels to pay attention to details and reproduce them, your way, on a canvas.

#5 Go to a concert… your own!

concertIf you know people who play, you may set things for a home or yard concert! Get some drinks from the nearby store. It will be cheaper and more intimate. Encourage them to talk about the tunes they play. If your mind is made up to try this, you need to prepare few days in advance. Ask everyone what they need and make things fit.

#6 Hang the flag… and make a statement

On the 4th of July flags will be the most important street props. And people will be walking extensively. Sooooo, are you thinking of what we’re thinking? This is the right time to make an appearance. Design your own flag. Think about this? What is USA for you? What makes it independent. Make your statement visible to the world by hanging your homemade flag up in the air according to the etiquette.

#7 Make some ice cream… but invent the recipe!

If you feel like taking time off to experiment, you may take advantage of this tradition and trust your cooking instincts. The secret behind ice cream is that it needs to be frozen. And to make the principle apply, it needs some drinkable liquid. It can be milk, juice or any magic potion from your fridge. Good luck!icecream

Wrap up

Don’t forget to share with others that you’re doing something a bit different this 4th of July. You may actually do them a favor and determine them to use tradition in a personal way and be independent, which the 4th of July actually stands for. We bet some of your friends will be curios to try it. :) Tell us how it went!


What will you do different this year?