What makes you a great Cuban friend living abroad: closeness, encouragement, Nauta gifts?


What’s delicious about extrovert cultures like the Cubans is that when it comes to friendship, they are more intense. It doesn’t matter if it’s about family or childhood friends, it’s still intense. So, we started looking for what makes a Cuban friend who lives abroad stand out on the Friend catwalk. They probably know more about you than you know yourself, and will encourage you no matter what. You will inevitably get Nauta credit from them for your browsing and chat. If you two are close friends, Nauta credit may knock at your door every month or even more often. 

Why? It’s interesting how childhood and youth relationships stay for life. Somehow, distance, time, and personal changes leave no trace on that strong bond. They seem imaginary categories. Many still wonder why this young bond is so strong, and they don’t have the full answer… not even the scientists.

But that didn’t stop us from making up a list of what makes a Cuban friend living abroad a great and irreplaceable friend. We’ll inevitably leave the following list open, because there would be so much more to add to it.

#1 Welcomes everyone into his/her personal bubble

Because this is the way Cubans grow up. If Mexicans have a clear “personal space” concept and Americans a whole “personal space” religion, Cubans abroad have an invasive way to call people home very often. Chatting and video would be easier, because photos could be shared and faces would meet. But there is a critical issue about the Internet in Cuba, which makes the calling service the basic of long-distance communication. This leads us to the next point.

#2 Helps friends back in Cuba surf the Internet by sending them Nauta credit

Nauta is the key here. As many know, Internet in Cuba is only available in Wi-Fi hotspots, that require a Nauta account and Nauta credit. Cubans abroad use MobileRecharge.com to easily send Nauta credit to any account in Cuba. It takes a minute and they need a free account on this website to enable them to make the transaction.


#3 Always encourages you

A Cuban friend would tell you that you look great, but since the Cuban we’re talking about lives abroad, this is more difficult. We would have mentioned kisses and hugs too. But that’s only possible in vacation and clumsily on the phone. Yet, no one and nothing will hinder a Cuban friend to get close and encouraging with whatever goes on in your life.

#4 Helps you from the distance with material stuff

Whether we’re talking about clothes you cannot find at home in Cuba, a special device or a perfume… You name it, he or she will find a way. You’ve got no credit on your mobile? You may just get a surprise, a free SMS telling you he or she has just sent you some Cubacel credit.  

#5 Gives you their bed on your visit

No doubt about it! When you come to visit your Cuban friend in the USA or elsewhere, they will sleep on the floor besides you, and you’ll have their bed. You are a king or a queen, anyhow a most respectful guest, although a childhood friend.

#6 Can write a whole book about you

Generally, friends know something about you. Different friends, different information according to the experience you shared. But for a Cuban friend you are an open book. Not only because it’s easy to share, despite all distance in between, but because they have a great intuition and always the most impertinent questions to get close to your heart and get the gist of your story, your emotions, and worries. Strangely enough, when you have the sensation they are speaking while you’re talking, they are good listeners. And a good listener is an irreplaceable friend.

#7 May risk savings & work for you

Maybe others will send flowers if you find yourself in the hospital, seriously ill. But a Cuban friend will spontaneously spend their savings on a last minute expensive flight only to come see you, spend the night in a chair by your side.

Cuban expat friend is not just any friend

nautaThere would be more to add to this tiny list of features that make a Cuban friend stand out on the Friend catwalk. A Cuban friend will know what you know about yourself plus some more, he or she will encourage no matter what. If you are a Cuban relative or friend you will inevitably get Nauta credit from them, to use for your Internet communication and browsing. Distance is piece of cake for a Cuban expat, since they are so adaptable. Hugs will be replaced by long phone calls, touchy kisses by audio kisses on the phone, flower gifts by mobile top ups.