How to send a free top up gift on Easter

What’s on your mind now? Any job conflict, some money issue or the loving words that your partner ceased to say? Exchange it all with hope! That’s Easter all about in the end… A heavy-light focus on the renewal of hope in our lives, in our plans and perspective on the past. Yes, you’re right… it’s also about symbolic ornaments, painted eggs, spring traditions and… gifts. True! But that’s on a second level. Talking about gifts, on Easter a tailor may tailor something for someone, a baker may bake something, and MobileRecharge gives away a free top up. And more! But let’s take them in turn…

#1 Facebook Contest open until March 29

If the previous year, MobileRecharge team got highly enthusiastic about games, and shared them with you all, this year we grew to relax and picked a slightly more mental than physical challenge, that will bring someone a free top up! Just go to Facebook and fill in the line “Don’t wait for the Easter Bunny to…”

Please be as humorous or nostalgic as your mother or friends knows you could be.

The winner of the free top up is the hazard’s choice, not ours! We’ll hire a spinning wheel to single out someone from the joyful crowd who will leave a comment to this contest, and thus make someone happy and the rest miserable. Kidding! There will be MORE contests soon, so no remorses please!

For NOW, you are welcome to leave your creative comment on this Facebook post. Please click fearlessly on button down below, and we’ll take you to the Good Mobile Recharge Side, on Facebook. Oh, and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, March 30, 2018. Which is this year. So, please hurry!

Photo by Tom Holmes on Unsplash


It’s simple, come to the MobileRecharge side, we’ve got cookies. MORE cookies like daily promotions, which leads us to the Promos or Deals that will leave your heart thirsty for Easter gifts…

#2 Check the DAILY Promos! The closest alternative to a free top up.

Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash

A great and constant way to get a partially free top up are the Daily Promos. They are not 100% free since they are deals, but Bonuses sometimes amount to 6 times more than the main amount, which make the top up almost free. Let’s face it!

Latin Americans abroad are among the luckiest when it comes to daily bonuses on their top ups of mobiles for families and friends back in motherland. But Africans and Asians are following. One way to stay updated is to check it daily or Follow the Facebook page powered by MobileRecharge, or subscribe to the spam-free Newsletter by the famous author ;)



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