Triple Bono Revival with the Cubacel Promo in April

Life is short!  Instead of good news and bad news, we’re going for a couple of good news! Travelling to Cuba is getting popular again, and so is the Triple Bono Cubacel promo. Late March, the USA Department of Transportation announced more routes from USA, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale to Havana, thanks to five major airlines that will probably be added soon, according to Miami Herald. While according to team :) the route to send Cubacel credit for as much as Triple Bono is also open between April 2-7, 2018.

Denominations (local): CUC 20 – 60

  • 20 CUC order: 20 CUC + Bonus 60 minutes and 50 SMS
  • 25 CUC order: 25 CUC + Bonus 60 minutes and 50 SMS
  • 30 CUC order: 30 CUC + Bonus 60 minutes and 50 SMS
  • 40 CUC order: 40 CUC + Bonus 120 minutes and 100 SMS
  • 50 CUC order: 50 CUC + Bonus 120 minutes and 100 SMS
  • 60 CUC order: 60 CUC + Bonus 180 minutes and 150 SMS

But let’s see the SPICY details…  :)

#1 You send 20, they receive a Cubacel BONUS of up to 70 CUC

This Cubacel campaign may seem mysterious with all the bonuses translated in “minutes and SMS”, but it can be summed up to doble bono or triple bono. How?

Say, you’ve sent 20 CUC to someone who’s going to use the Bonus to make international calls. According to ETECSA local rates they get $66 worth balance = 66.15 CUC for international calls. Let’s add to that the 50 SMS, that the Cuban friend or dad/mom/cousin (you know best) uses for local stuff. Yeah, right! :) As if we don’t know how Cubans loooove to talk for talking sake!  So, include for-pleasure too! 1 local SMS is 0.09 CUC, which leads to the conclusion that 50 SMS = $4.5 = 4.51 CUC.

Your beneficiary in Cuba has just received 70 CUC, while you’ve paid for 20 CUC only. That’s more than Triple Bono had in store for Cubans, a while ago.

#2 You send 20 CUC, they receive Doble Bono for local usage

Say, your relative in Cuba will use the extra balance that adds up to your Cubacel recharge for his/her local calls and SMS. When you send the minimum 20 CUC between April 2-7, 2018, the person in Cuba receives 21 CUC extra for local calls (60 local minutes) and 4.51 CUC (that is 50 SMS). Right? A total of 25.5 CUC the Bonus alone! That’s doble bono formula!

Photo by Emanuel Haas on Unsplash

Drawing the Cubacel line…

Many Cubans living abroad are skeptical about this type of promo, that combines minute and SMS extra balance. We know why… and it makes sense. Cubans like to keep it simple when it comes to transactions and focus more on music, dancing, food, sweet drama… human emotions, dear friends! :)

But this campaign is really smart. It gives you the gadget itself and not the money to buy it. In other words, it is totally comparable with the Triple Bono Cubacel promo if  the person in Cuba uses the bonus minutes to make international calls and the SMS for local fun and work. And a great Doble Bono gift for local use of the Cubacel Bonus. Now add the main amount you pay for, and the value goes higher.



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