How to send FREE mobile credit to Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina this April

Latinos abroad? They like to stay up late, they absolutely detest when they hear Americans say “Estoy embarazado” for what was intended as “I’m embarrassed,” and they are very generous with their families. How do we know all this? On they are not a minority, but the opposite, and we can see their daily, weekly and monthly community interaction and mobile top ups to people back home.

When it comes to Latinos’ generosity, well… it’s not difficult. They benefit of great deals, like the ones below, for example.

Unlimited SMS and WhatApp data for your relatives or friends in Ecuador

More specifically for Claro subscribers in Ecuador! What’s important and useful to notice is that if you’re an Ecuadorian in the USA or elsewhere in the world, you can send mobile credit to Ecuador, a Claro subscriber more precisely. Honestly, to send mobile credit to Ecuador via or MobileRecharge app from abroad takes seconds only. And few more seconds to reach the person in Ecuador. And no! The distance does not influence your transaction. How does it work?

The current offer on works like this. You need to go on the online form and order the minimum $6 Claro balance. And Claro Ecuador will add automatically Free WhatsApp (60 MB) and Unlimited Claro-to-Claro SMS to the the user in Ecuador.

Photo by DIΞGO F. C∆RRIÓN on Unsplash

To use the offer, you don’t need to sign a contract, but you need a free account in order to carry out your order. The main balance you paid for (not the Bonus) is valid for life time. But, let’s face it… It is impossible for a Latino not to use the mobile credit in the near future.

Payment? In any currency you have at hand. Oh, and PayPal is accepted besides Visa or Mastercard. So, there are options!

Anything else? Yes, you can try it now… :)

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100% FREE extra mobile credit for Costa Ricans using Movistar Costa Rica

Say you’re originally from Costa Rica, so naturally all your relatives back home are talkative. OK, you’re right, not all, just 95%. :) In April, you can send a minimum of 5000 CRC mobile credit to one or more of them, and they get double. Date: From 10 Apr 2018 00:00 to 30 Apr 2018 23:59 (GMT-06:00)

Oh, and for top ups of CRC 5000 or more, your Costa Rican friend or family member will receive double the balance + 7 days of Whatsapp. Sounds good, right?  You’re in charge!

4 times more calling credit, SMS & Internet browsing data for Argentinians back home

Exactly! It’s the current Movistar Argentina offer running in April 2018. When you send a minimum of 100 ARS to someone in Argentina, be your mom, dad, cousin, friend in need or spouse indeed, they get 4 times more balance. The promotional credit applies on prepaid plans in Argentina, can be used for calls, SMS and Internet browsing. Sounds cool, right?

So, the beneficiary may not browse, but love to call, and they are covered. Or they may be a shy Argentinian (which is only possible to imagine if they are working in the database engineering) and they’d pick SMS and Internet browsing. Lovers also prefer SMS, so if your cousin is in love, good for her and good for you! This promotion covers her needs too! ;)

Photo by Marcela R on Unsplash

The condition to get the complex Bonus, is for the beneficiary in Argentina to send an SMS with the text “5+” to 3456 to activate the promotion. Don’t ask us why! This is a Movistar thing.

3 Offers in a Nutshell

It would be totally unfair not to share smart tips at hand for Ecuadorians, Costa Ricans and Argentinians living abroad. So, if you are one of them, you may be interested to surprise or help someone back home. If you send mobile credit to Ecuador, Costa Rica or Argentina until the end of April, the persons who receive that balance up to 4 times more automatically. While you pay for the main amount only. Does it make sense?

  1. If you send mobile credit to Ecuador by the end of April, the person who receives your Claro gift balance will also get 60 MB free Whatsapp and Unlimited Claro-to-Claro SMS to use in Ecuador. What you need to do is make sure you send mobile credit to Ecuador above $6.
  2. For a minimum of 5000 CRC you send from abroad, the person in Costa Rica using Movistar receives double the balance + 7 days of Whatsapp. Yes! As true as water! :)
  3. Mobile credit to Argentina, more specifically to Movistar users there, add 4 times more free balance. Wow, exactly! :) The minimum amount to send the Bonus as well is 100 ARS. But very importantly,  the receivers in Argentina need to send an SMS with the text “5 + Send 3456 to activate the promotion.”


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