5 cool offers for Hispanics abroad and their families back home

Do you know Ted Cruz, the American politician with mixed expat roots in Europe and Cuba? Well, he publicly pointed out so well the core values of Hispanics abroad, besides sticking to simple things and living by the rules of el corazon, and loving bargains. Talking about bargains, we’ll make a comprehensive list below of some cool deals for Hispanics abroad. So, bear with us a little. ;)  But getting back to Ted Cruz’s, here is his nice input about the Hispanic community.

I think Hispanic community – the values that resonate in our community are fundamentally conservative. They are faith, family and patriotism. Do you know the rate of military enlistment among Hispanics is higher than any demographic in this country? And they are also hard work and responsibility. (Ted Cruz)

And now let’s keep our promise, and give you, Spanish-speaking guys and gals from the Caribbean and Latin America, the latest updates related to mobile top-up deals in the house… So, MobileRecharge.com hosts 5 wow promos from Tigo and Movistar for the rest of this month. Hispanics abroad can now send their relatives and friends back home extra credit without paying for it. The bonuses are as high as 300% MORE FREE CREDIT. ;)

#1 Internet data, SMS, plus domestic & international minutes for your folks in Honduras using Tigo

Photo by Ronald Cuyan on Unsplash

Honduras celebrated Mother’s Day on May 13, but Tigo and MobileRecharge.com for the whole month of May. :) The Latino way of partying!

So, the Mother’s Day Promo is running till the end of the month for top ups of $10, customers will receive 1.5 GB for Internet, 400 minutes for Tigo Network calls, 1 favorite Friend with unlimited calls, Free WhatsApp, Balance for calls and SMS and 200 Lempiras for In- country and 100 minutes for USA /CAN Calls. The bonus is valid for 7 days and applies for top-ups on MobileRecharge.com of minimum $10.

#2 FREE credit for top-ups to family in Guatemala using Tigo: 300% EXTRA

Dear friends who left Guatemala and are now living abroad… good news for you too! The top-ups you make on MobileRecharge.com to mobile phones of your families using Tigo in Guatemala, the local operator adds extra credit. Here’s an example. You top up $12 or the equivalent value, depending on where you live (Europe, Australia, Canada, and so on), and your relative in Guatemala receives 3 times more for free. Wow thing, right? :) The promo runs until May 31, 2018. No need to hurry, but don’t postpone it till it ends. The Bonus is valid for 30 days in case someone asks. Hope the gift will be well received!

#3 Your top up + 500 MBs + 150 Calling Minutes to USA and CAN for your folks using Tigo in El Salvador

Photo by Max Panamá on Unsplash

May 31 is the deadline, proud Hispanics abroad! Not for your bucket list, oh no! But to add extra credit to your top-ups to mobile phones in El Salvador. So, that means your relatives and friends there will be more than surprised to get soooo much more! Trust us! Been there before. ;)

Say you decide to send $10 on MobileRecharge.com to a Tigo El Salvador number from your magic agenda. Your folks in El Salvador will receive your $10 top up plus 500 MBs + 150 Minutes for USA or/and CAN for the following 15 days. Huh? Yes! And one more thing. Your people in El Salvador can use the bonus minutes to call any phone number in the USA. Wow thing!

Here are more details about this offer on the website.

#4 Hey, 400% MORE CREDIT for calls, SMS and browsing on your top-ups to Argentina Movistar mobiles

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

It’s official now! Those of you with families back in Argentina get to send a minimum of ARS 100, and their folks get 5 times more. ;) Latino cool! How come? Movistar has decided to support Hispanics abroad again, which became a tradition already.

The automatic bonus applies on top-ups of minimum ARS 100 made on MobileRecharge.com until May 31, 2018 for prepaid plan users in Argentina. Once you get your part done, your folks in Argentina need to send an SMS with the number 5 + Send 3456 to activate the promotion. That’s the trick! Please tell them about it.

Next, with their phone pocket full of goodies, they can call, text and browse freely, for 7 days.

#5 Movistar users in Costa Rica can receive 100% extra for chatting

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Hispanics abroad are familiar with long-distance top ups to Costa Rica. Mainly because it’s a way to support folks back, plus there are so many offers that it’s impossible not to eat the ice cream, if you know what I mean. For amounts of CRC 5000 and up, that you send to your beloved Movistar friends there, they get double. So, basically, you pay for one orange, and they get two. Simple math. One for free. Hopefully they are easy riders with Whatsapp, because the promotional balance includes 7 day Whatsapp chatting for free. Hurry! May 31 is the deadline for your Surprise top-up!

Keep it simple! If you are a desktop fan, use the website, MobileRecharge.com. If your smartphone is where you are, then MobileRecharge app is what you need. It’s free to install on any Android or iOS. Enjoy! ;)

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