5 very personal ideas to make Thanksgiving hard to forget

Some are waiting for Thanksgiving breathlessly, others just take it as a default holiday and enjoy the free day away from work. Whatever your feeling towards it, here are some simple-to-achieve ideas to avoid the Thanksgiving routine. It’s what we’ve planned to do this year.

Let’s be Thankful in action!

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, right? So, let’s personalize it and make it about that. How? First, take a moment, open up your heart, and think about 5 people in your life you’re really thankful to. Whether they were great teachers for you, or just endlessly supportive and loving, make a list.

It takes two to tango, and one to say “Thank you” first, when the dance is over. Have you thought what positive impact saying ‘Thank you” could have on someone who was there for you when you needed it, or someone who helped you go through a life lesson?

Time to call them and say it….

Distance is no more a hindrance to saying “thank you.” So, whether those 5 people on your list may be from your recent or early past, find the most economical way to call, and take plenty of time to catch up. It’s worth refreshing your relationships, or just paying those people a huge surprise. Remember how good that feels? You be now the Thanksgiving Santa!

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Oh, if you’re shy… you can stick to an SMS. It will do wonders!

3 friendly gifts, no hassle

The emotional type will appreciate a video you’ve shot yourself, featuring you while playing a dedicated song. Homemade videos do not require artistic skills. Just use your laptop’s camera and frame yourself well. In case you need further editing, the easiest software to use is Windows Media Player. Find a significant spot in your room to have a nice background. Tune your instrument before, and just be natural.

The pragmatic type will most appreciate to receive something surprising, yet highly functional. Mobile credit is our suggestion. So, if you really want to be supportive, take less than 1 minute to send a top up that will reach the other’s phone instantly. Pretty easy, right? Here is the online form: http://mobilerecharge.com/

For the adventurous type, we recommend a traveling voucher or tickets to a most awaited concert. Of course, these choices do not cover all tastes like mobile recharges or top ups. Yet, if you know the person well, receiving something priceless outside the gift season (like a “Thank you”) could be better than a birthday surprise party.

How does that sound?


Time to take them out

You have your list of 5 people who deserve your gratitude. OK. Pick one, top of your head… or better, of your heart, and ask them out for a coffee or for lunch, or a beer in the evening. You’ll have time to catch up, and share your “thank you” in the appropriate moment.

Thanksgiving could also be a good pretext to set a future meeting with someone else on your list. Again, listen to your heart, and pick up the phone.

Start your own traditions in the kitchen!

If turkey is not on your priority list, work a bit on your Thanksgiving menu. Take it as a chance to work out your imagination and have new tastes on your festive plate.

Don’t be shy to turn your kitchen into a playground. Display your ingredients, flour, spices, and so on. Look at them and try to imagine their taste. See what ideas pop up, and start experimenting. Why not?!

At the end, you could share the result with your best friend. He or she will love it anyway. If something great came out of your Thanksgiving experiment, call people over. Why not?!

Be thankful to yourself

Don’t forget about the #1 person in your life. Try to think what you’re thankful to you for. Could be your legs for carrying you around, your patience to yourself and others. You name it. The important thing is to be aware.

Then you can act differently in the future and be empathic with yourself, and not put pressure for no reason, or develop frustrations. Or, make yourself a present and get a massage session or a ticket to a concert, or anything else that makes you feel spoiled.

Let’s recap!

Try to be more personal this Thanksgiving this year, and you’ll remember it easily. Here are some suggestions for you:

1. Make a list of 5 people you are thankful to.

2. Call one, two or all five of them, and catch up; most honest services recommended for calling, locally and internationally: http://tello.co.uk/ and http://keepcalling.com/

3. Make a simple gift according to personality; practical people will enjoy receiving mobile credit as top up; the easiest way: http://mobilerecharge.com/

4. Invite your Thanksgiving person out!

5. Try to invent a Thanksgiving dish of your own.

6. Be thankful to yourself