5 Must knows for your next Orange Dominican Republic mobile recharge

If you were born in the Dominican Republic, but moved abroad or if you ever visited the country, loved it and made friends there, you’re surely interested in the latest news. Orange Dominican Republic is now Altice. So, if you keep in touch with relatives or friends and you recharge their Orange Dominican Republic mobiles or you’re up for that soon, look for Altice instead of Orange on MobileRecharge.com. Chances are you need to know this if you’re one of those generous expats from the Dominican Republic we talked about in February, when we made the top 10 generous nations according to in-house statistics.

#1 So, Altice is the new Orange. The story behind…


The rebranding is the result of merging Orange Dominicana and Tricom in a combined brand of the same business, Altice. Wondering who Altice is? Well, for those  not aware of this yet, it’s the no one else but the Netherlands-based Altice Group who owns the tow former brands. So, to make a longer story short, Altice, the business has relaunched the combined business under the ‘Altice Dominicana’ brand name. And now, Altice offers “mobile, broadband, cable TV and VoIP services, as well as a triple-play solution comprising its fixed line products” according to TeleGeography.com. They still go for residential bandwidth with speeds up to 100 Mbits. Yuuuhuuu!

#2 It still takes 1 minute to send mobile credit to an Orange Dominican Republic number

MobileRecharge.com hosts the new brand on the same old terms as Orange Dominican Republic. So, everyone interested in making a quick top up to a mobile in the country benefits of a simple order form, and no contract is needed. But, of course that is available for all top ups to Dominican Republic. Whether to Orange Dominican Republic aka Altice, Claro or Viva.

#3 Are you NEW? 3 easy steps to make your top up…

Welcome on board! It’s easy “like Sunday morning” and it comes as natural as love… :)

Photo by Laura Margarita Peralta on Unsplash

You’ve got MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app to make your mobile credit transfer to Dominican Republic. Also you’ve got an expat community to join in sickness and in health, as well as regular Promotions running on the app and the Promotions page on the website.

And 3 easy steps to make your long-distance top up:

  • Go to the ONLINE FORM on the website or the app
  • Fill in the details of your top up: country, operator of the phone you need to recharge like Orange Dominican Republic… eh, sorry! Altice. :)
  • Choose the amount and enter the prepaid number carefully, before you proceed to payment.

New customers on MobileRecharge.com need to open an account first to move on. But if you forget, no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll carry your online form until you’re ready with your account.

#4 Did we mention we can speak Spanish?

Yes, we almost forget to mention that the app (MobileRecharge) is free to install on any Android or iOS device and is available in both Spanish and English. So, you can pick your native language version or English if you need to practice. Really easy and intuitive, you’ll see. We call it a pocket kit for generosity. :)

#5 Extra questions are welcomed!

Photo by Trust “Tru” Katsande on Unsplash

The worst question is the question you don’t ask. Sort of an in-house motto… Because we grow into knowledge by asking and making mistakes. Well, you’ve been there before, don’t deny it! :)

So, please don’t hesitate to use the call-me-back option on the website to get in touch. You’re not going to wait in  the queue. It’s a promise! ;)

And some extras that will be useful for your Orange Dominican Republic top up.

  • Full access to one’s activity and transactions
  • Flexible payment with any currency, as well as Paypal besides Visa and Mastercard.
  • Facebook community of Dominicans abroad, that hosts deals and giveaways on regular basis: https://www.facebook.com/LlamaRepublicaDominicana

Did we say Orange? WRONG! Altice is the new name, and now we all know it! ;) 

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