How to recharge a Cuba cell phone and get MORE than DOBLE BONO for it

Are you trying to grasp how to recharge a Cuba cell phone? Or are you a Cuban master of online recharges looking for some good deals for your folks in Cuba? No matter how you label yourself when you look in the mirror, we’re going to briefly take you through the fast process of 1 minute online top up for someone’s mobile in Cuba.

#1 Just follow these 3 easy steps

You can recharge a Cuba phone cell during the coffee break, while cooking or commuting, even while riding your bike, but we don’t recommend. :)

Many of those who recharge a Cuba cell phone aka the famous Cubacel :) are hunting at least these 3 things: to be a fast transaction, an easy online form, Spanish if possible, and to get the best out of their top up. Aspects that covers and MobileRecharge app worships!

Muy buena aplicasion me ha ahorrado mucho tiempo y las recargas llega rapido a su destinario exelente app. (Juan Flore on

All in all, if you’re wondering how to recharge a Cuba cell phone in seconds, pick the website or the app we’ve just mentioned because they were perfected… literally perfected, per expats’ feedback collected during the years.

  • Go to the ONLINE FORM on the website or install MobileRecharge app for free and go by your instinct ;)
  • Fill in the details of your top up: Cuba, Cubacel, the correct phone number and the amount you’ve decided to send
  • Please double check your data, before you proceed to payment.

Great, you’re done!

#2 MORE than Doble Bono without moving a finger

It’s literally possible without moving a finger. Because once you know how to recharge a Cuba cell phone and you carry it out between October 22-27 (Cuban time), you get more than Double Bonus aka Doble Bono for it. Automatically. Just pick the value that best suits your budget and the credit value of the beneficiary in Cuba, consider the best deal in terms of validity and just proceed to that simple payment.

  • Pay 20 CUC, they receive 50 CUC
  • Order 30 CUC, they receive 80 CUC
  • 40 CUC orders bring a total of 100 CUC to the person in Cuba
  • 50 CUC orders bring a total of 130 CUC to the person in Cuba
  • 60 CUC orders bring a total of 160 CUC to the person in Cuba
  • 80 CUC orders bring a total of 210 CUC to the person in Cuba

#3 Choose the longer validity. Just saying…

During this promo on top ups to Cubacel on, there are 2 types of validity periods for the Bonus. Once again, we’re talking about the bonus and not the basic amount you send to recharge a Cuba cell phone.

Here are the values that bring a Bonus which lasts 1 extra week. More specifically until November 17.

  • 30 CUC orders -> The person in Cuba receives 80 CUC
  • 50 CUC orders -> All together 130 CUC to your relative / friend in Cuba
  • 60 CUC orders ->The person in Cuba receives 160 CUC
  • 80 CUC orders -> The person in Cuba receives 210 CUC

Photo by Flo P on Unsplash

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