Best way to travel to Cuba from USA, Spain or Canada

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How often do you compare flight prices to Cuba from USA before you buy the ticket? Or do you go by recommendation of a Cuban fellow? Or do you surf the internet for the best deal to Cuba before you make the booking? Don’t tell us you choose a flight agent! What’s the best way for you?

In this article we plan to quench our thirst for the best deals out to grab the ticket to Cuba from USA or other countries. We guess that’s most useful not only for those of you traveling home to Cuba from USA, but also for future tourists or experienced Cuba fans open to news.

Please share your own experience and conclusions in a comment below to help the community pick the best option for their flights to Cuba from USA or elsewhere.

Best deals on flights to Cuba from USA

Let’s compare. So, we asked to scan 48,195,047,545 round trip itineraries and find the cheapest flights to Cuba from the USA. Of course, we considered we/you may need to fly via Cancun, Mexico city, Nassau or Panama city. ;)

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So, here’s what we learned. AeroMexico is by far the best deal in terms of pricing this year. For about $175 it gets you a round ticket to Cuba from USA, more precisely Miami this October. And about $225 from New York City to Havana.

Direct charters

Besides the major airlines there are also direct charter flights from New York, Orlando, Tampa, Boston, Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Havana. Hours differ, but prices stay more or less the same with a company.

For example, you can find a Miami-Havana flight at the end of November this year at $205 on We’re talking about the Economy Class here. The amount includes $7 immigration and naturalization, $3.96 animal and plant health inspection service, $18.30 international arrival and $5.65 customs. With this companyprices do not change in December when it’s usually the most expensive to travel to Cuba from USA. They are rated 3 stars out of 5 on Facebook.

JetBlue is rated 3 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot for such reasons as delays and lost suitcase. So, consider that aspect, although it’s something even the major airlines “can afford”. Older customers seem very pleased. Free WiFi, kindness and basic safety seem to be their no.1 benefits. As for prices, they differ from day to day. For example, you can reach $144 + $144 roundtrip, if you choose to leave for Cuba on November 20 and return on the 28. One day later, the price can change to over $500. Also, they have 3 traveling packs: Blue, Blue Plus and Blue Flex.

If you’re a tourist, not a Cuban expat…

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The cheapest, easiest, and safest way to see Cuba is on a cruise with guided excursions. Some cruises offer overnights in the ports and I’d highly recommend that option to have the opportunity to see the night life to its fullest.

You can fly there but Cuba is still a communist country and without a tour operator negotiating pricing and holding them to it, you’ll end up paying a lot of extra money once you land. They can literally charge you whatever they want once they have you on their territory. You also need a visa and a very detailed itinerary to be allowed in. So if your going without a tour company make sure you have all of the proper documentation and plan to spend more than anticipated. (Brittany Allison, Quora, Jan 31, 2019)

Hola to Cuba from Spain

According to Wikipedia, there were 151,327 Cubans living and working in Spain in 2018. And that makes Spain the second Cuban destination after the USA. But how about the flight facilities to visit home as a Cuban abroad? Or why not, to visit Cuba as a European.

Well, prices are spicy! Is it the ocean, the duration or the company? That’s another conversation… Let’s stay pragmatic. Buying the in advance is the key for this route. But there are 11 companies offering the trip.

Direct flights?

Sure! On, the cheapest roundtrip is $1134, powered by Air Europe, and it takes 9 hours. The price does not include baggage fees. And we know best how much we’d like to gift-pack for families in Cuba…

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On, you can find a cheaper flight with Evelop, from Madrid to Havana. It costs $775 or €696, and it takes 10 hours. Reasonable, right?

Iberia also provides direct flights to Cuba from Madrid, mainly in the evening. But the price is €755.

2 stops? 

Those are also available between €600 and €700, but prepare for 33 hours of sleep, reading, talk, no walk. These are the flights operated by KLM and Air France mainly. But of course, if you care for the comfort of a company like these ones, it’s a choice.

Canada charters. What a quick option!

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Expedia is a generous directory, whether you’re flying to more rural areas or the capital of Cuba. A flight from Montreal to Cardenas at the end of November can take 33h and costs $775 the cheapest. Or you can choose a $848 ticket and the trip takes about 18h. Multiple airlines included: Lufthansa and Air Canada.

You may ask where you can fly from in Canada…


Yet, charters seem the option according to people on Quora weighing the best ways to fly to Cuba from USA and Canada. makes available the following routes:

  • Toronto – Santiago de Cuba
  • Vancouver – Santiago de Cuba
  • Montreal – Santa Clara
  • Ottawa – Santa Clara
  • Quebec – Santa Clara
  • Toronto – Santa Clara
  • Vancouver – Santa Clara
  • Cayo Coco – Toronto
  • Cayo Coco – Montreal
  • Cayo Coco – Ottawa
  • Cayo Coco – Quebec
  • Cayo Largo – Montreal
  • Cayo Largo – Toronto

For example, an eco budget return ticket from Toronto to Santiago de Cuba costs $292 this December. And a ticket Cayo Largo – Montreal and back amounts to $239. Pretty OK for a 4h trip to the other hemisphere. ;)

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