What can you find on an Expat’s wish list for 2016?

Wish lists are as powerful as a spiritual journey to Tibet, or a large lottery win, especially if you stick to five entries at most. If most of us pick from top of our heads, or get inspired from the market place, or training sessions, from the park, or from the yoga class, expats build their wish lists bottom up: family and friends back home and next themselves.

Once you’ve got the winning thoughts on paper, things get closer to the real thing. So, you know what motivates you, what you like. What’s left is to enjoy the process, and establish the logical steps to take. Whatever the life-grammar rules tell you, go by your instinct, because that’s honest and more suitable to work in your favor, knowing that what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for others.

An expat is 150% human! :) Kidding. What we need to say is that an expat’s experience makes their consciousness, adaptability and wishes turn special. Let’s have some examples!

Here is what an expat would put down on their wish list.

monkey#1 Year of the Monkey. Don’t let yourself be fooled!

Don’t act like Tom Cruise in “Eyes wide shut.” Be a vigilant character in your famous “Mission possible” movie in 2016. Get honest about how you feel or what you sense, get logical, observe, get informed, stay awake. You’ll not only get real about what’s going on around you, but you’ll also protect yourself, act faster and conscious and enjoy people and life real nature more.

#2 Stay kind & lazy. Online mobile top ups rule!  

“Kind” for your family and friends in 2016. If you’re an expat, you know better how challenging it is to be supportive from the distance. You can afford to invest little time while being kind. MobileRecharge.com is one of the optimised websites that helps one send mobile credit miles away in less than 1 minute.

MR_latinDon’t forget “lazy” is not always a bad thing. On the contrary: lazy people help inventions get done, and optimizations get done soon. You can afford to stay lazy when it comes to online top ups of mobiles abroad, because the system on MobileRecharge.com is too easy to complicate and go back to old time-consuming ways.

Every two minutes another expat-bro’ joins MobileRecharge.com. They pick this service to support their relatives and friends from the distance by sending credit to their old-school or new mobiles. Hundreds of thousands of expats worldwide continue to use the website every month. Partly because it’s easy, as they say on Trustpilot.com, partly because the processing fee is the smallest on the global market, the 24/7 support is helpful and caring, or due to the regular offers.

#3 Learn the language better

Language is friend or enemy #1 when you’re an expat. But what’s sure is that while progressing in our social or professional life, we need more vocabulary, we can build on our knowledge on and on. There is always room for one more brick.

Don’t get too ambitious, take pleasure in language acquisition. Instead of an apple a day, get an expression a day. Pick it from a movie, or the radio, or someone you’ve heard in the street. Put it down, compare it with your mother tongue. Play with it whenever you remember it. Put it on a note-sticker and stick it on a door you see more often.   

#4 Get more time for yourself

coffee_friendsTake a deep breath & relax! Start now!

For someone who works 8 to 10 hours a day, commuting can be whether deadly or a blessing. You choose how you want your life to be! Choose the later, it’s easier, more productive and less stressing!

Use the time when waiting for your bus, tram, train or underground to read, talk on the phone with someone you miss, make plans for the next holiday home, next week or dinner, meditate despite the whirlpool of noise around you. Or, stop for a coffee on your way home… Maybe also invite a friend. 

At weekend, get out for a walk, or make yourself a surprise and buy tickets for a concert.

#5 Stay curious!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” (Walt Disney)

If wondering doesn’t come naturally, just try the pleasure that comes with curiosity. “What if” and “Why” keep us free: it’s the child’s natural drive, so it keeps you young and open, plus it brings you new information and keeps you networked.

Besides that, there is always another way to stimulate yourself, and your curiosity! Take up a training course.

All in all

An expat’s wish list is as  personal and powerful as any other wish list in the world. Yet, we cannot deny it: being an expat drives certain wishes related to family, long-distance support, visiting or traveling, as well as with the local challenges: language, spare time as essential for a balanced life, plus basic needs of a 21st century citizen in the world.