Gifts to Haiti with instant top ups to Digicel, Voila and Natcom mobiles

What’s floating, greenish-blue, and has a beautiful mix of cultures? By all means, Haiti! Our thoughts go to Haiti this week. More precisely, spontaneous and instant top ups to Digicel Haiti that come with a Bonus!

We invite all those having friends or relatives in Haiti to send gifts that suit all tastes: instant top ups to Digicel Haiti. Every week, 100% to 600% Bonus applies for top ups to Digicel Haiti. Recharges are instant no matter the distance, affordable, and can be ordered online in less than 1 minute. And even better, they come with free extra mobile credit that makes them economical.

The concept of a bonus has been conceived both as an encouragement and a reward for loyal customers. Bonus applies as extra free mobile credit, when the top up is sent to the mobile in Haiti. All needed details of the promotion are available on, or on the website of the local operator in Haiti facilitating the recharge, whether Digicel, Voila or Natcom. Or just visit the map of promotions on the homepage, or the “Promotions” page on

Let the good time roll!

For as little as $5 or $6, you can send a gift consisting of mobile credit in some other country, instantly. During promotions, the credit sent doubles or even better, the mobile receives up to 6 times the amount you paid for.

To save money on your top ups to Digicel, Voila or Natcom mobiles in Haiti, watch out for Promotions on the website page called “Promotions”. So, the smart thing you can do is stay tuned or become a fan of the Facebook page and we’ll feed you fresh information on the campaigns every day.

Now, the cherries on top due to your valuable feedback:

  • Place your order from a PC or smartphone; comfortably and easily, even on the go;  just make sure you have Internet access
  • Use your native language to browse and order: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • You can check any details of your transactions in your online account
  • You’ll send the credit to the mobile in Haiti in real time
  • Get Promotions by email if subscribed to the Newsletter (find it down the homepage)
  • Get immediate support using the search box, or by chat or email via the 24/7 Customer Service. Or get in touch with other in our Community.

Before making a mobile recharge

You need to have a free online account. Next, just fill in the operator of the mobile you want to recharge, and proceed to payment; it’s 100% secure. We’re much quicker than the Caribbean pirate boats, not to mention we’re instant. Browsing and ordering are easier than the wave movements.

First, just log into your account on If you don’t have an account on, you can open one for free in just a few seconds. Start to fill in the online form: operator in Haiti, mobile number and amount. After double checking the details entered, go to the checkout and proceed to payment.

Online payment fits you like a glove

Easy and secure, just like we all want it! This is how our system works; we don’t want to boast about it, but our payment security system is known as very strong.

You can pay as you please. With debit or credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or even PayPal.

No worries if you are not from the USA. Payment is accepted in Australian or Canadian Dollars, British Pounds and Euros, besides US dollars.

What our customers say

Jeancjanvier says on that it “was really good and very handy keep up the good job”

Southerngrll44, another user stresses the idea of an “Easy way to refill minutes on overseas phone with very little hassle.”

Ricksittel points to customer care and security: “It went through immediately, so I ordered another $5, because that’s what I needed… Good service, and they were looking out for me as well.”

Mjka says that “is very well organized and easy to navigate.”

Darnley refers to it as fast: “The Transaction is Fast and Accurate”

Shamshi points to its advantage when traveling and the immediate recharge: “It’s very helpful if you’re travelling outside your home country; it works very instantly.”