opens its gates for Italian and French speakers

With liberté, égalité, fraternité on la vita e bella! In other words, we took your feedback seriously and added Italian and French on the website. Obviously, Babel effect is no danger for us. People from all over the world joined the community on, and use the top up service in their native language or the language of the country they live in.

Drawing the line after some days of testing, our international recharge website is now welcoming more top up runners. It’s now more accessible for French and Italian natives, besides English and Spanish speakers.

Why Italian and French?

  • Because many Italian and French users favor their mother tongue when surfing the Internet, browsing for information or offers, or trying to choose their online top up service.
  • Time is money and comfort. So, we make it easier by offering native language pages for mobile recharge orders; we avoid language traps and create a familiar context.

A reminder why is worth it!

The service addresses anyone, no matter the country you live in. The aim behind the team working for is to maintain the service they would choose themselves for personal use. From the get go, was built to help you save money on your international mobile recharges. And we did it: affordable mobile credit top ups, no matter the distance.

With all the improvements brought, the mobile recharge process takes now less than 1 minute. Purchase can be made easily online, and on the move: from a smartphone, or from your PC. And credit ordered is sent immediately!

No hidden fees, or in other words, no hide-and-seek offline when it comes to transactions. Security is our middle name, so please don’t be amazed we take some measures before approving your order. This way, your transactions are safe and sound with us.

We accept payment in several currencies on US, Australian or Canadian Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Plus, all major payments are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Access to the service and the regular promotions is possible for anyone holding a free account on MobileRecharge.

 Extras that make the service spin

  • Daily Promotions are listed on the homepage map as well as on the “Promotions” page. They are running every day for different operators worldwide. Each comes with details related to the dates and conditions of the promotions, as well as the type of bonus received.
  • Notifications about promotions are possible if subscribed to the Newsletter (option down the page), or if one is a Facebook fan.
  • Orders can be placed from a PC or smartphone, wherever you are, comfortably and easily, even on the go; the sole condition is to have Internet access.
  • Friendly website design, easy browsing.
  • The account stores comprehensive details about orders and invoices, and can be accessed with no restriction.
  • For any query, a 24/7 Customer Service by chat and email is available in both English and Spanish.
  • For independent users, a complex Help Center gives one the chance to find the right answer to one’s question.
  • The Community page is an alternative to interact with employees and other customers for any support.

Our customers think that…

Simone: “Excellent! . .  I recommend it to everyone who’s tired of complicated procedures”

Southerngrll44 (user on “Easy way to refill minutes on overseas phone with very little hassle.”

Mjka: “. . . is very well organized and easy to navigate.”

Darnley: “The Transaction is Fast and Accurate !”

Shamshi: “It’s very helpful if you’re travelling outside your home country; it’s work very instantly.”

Durandaysy: “Is the best website i found to put money to my mom’s cell phones in Dom.Rep. And she gets the minutes right away.”