Free credit on recharges to MTN mobiles in Africa

Indeed! We, at, thought that AMAZING OFFERS match amazing landscapes and amazing people of Africa!  Just close your eyes and imagine… See the fresh green, mild yellow, dark orange and the sensual blue of Africa? What about the tender look in people’s eyes, and their strong voices? Well, we call that amazing!

And 100% Bonus on is also amazing! All through May you win 100% free credit on recharges to MTN mobiles in Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda and Cameroon.

In translation, let’s say you have friends and family living in one of these African countries who use an MTN prepaid card… They get double the amount you send them by May 21 through The condition is to recharge above $5 or the equivalent, so that we can add 100% free credit on recharges to MTN that you make.

Don’t play small when it comes to surprises and gifts. A mobile recharge + Bonus is nothing short of a genius idea for at least several reasons:

  • any mobile user in the world enjoys free mobile credit
  • no need to think too hard or ask for anyone’s opinion: it’s unisex and generally used
  • no need to put it on the back burner just because you don’t know what to choose
  • it’s a gift you send online, no matter the distance
  • it gets to the destination instantly

The free credit on recharges to MTN in May consists of “net calls” and can be used in the following 14 days from the load reception.

The credit is sent immediately. And you can double check these details in your account. If the transaction is “Successful” it means the credit has been sent. All that is left for you to do is to check with the person receiving the amount to confirm.

Your wins:

  • Pay for one bundle and we double it for you. Economical and surprising, don’t you think?
  • No hassle: it takes less than 1 minute to order it
  • No need to run to the store, you can buy it online
  • Easy to order: free account, no download needed, short form to fill in
  • Check your history and transaction status in the account at any time
  • Secured website => 100% secure transactions
  • Save on your recharges if you take advantage of current promotions
  • Live chat “Support
  • Community page available for questions
  • Frequent Promotions >> Facebook news feed, Google+ feed

Your friend’s / family’s wins:

  • Surprising gift
  • Double mobile credit to use locally ( if a promotion is running)

What do you think about

“Your service is one of the best among others,it’s excellent, guarantee with maximum security on customers instruments of payment, since I become one of the users of your services I found it easy,cheaper and cleared voice calling,most especially the credit transferring to Nigeria operators,which have never even try for the past 10 years,I try it now and I am totally satisfy/ contented, your service is now world are great.”  (User: kodabsgensafety, on

“Quick and easy to purchase more minutes.” (jipson50)

“Easy to use and very secured.” (golden24u)

Remember, friends!

If you’ve never tried recharging a mobile in Africa yet, time to give it a try NOW! If you are an old friend of ours, this promotion on MTN recharges will help you pay half the price of the amount sent. How does it sound?