How to help your parents save time & money by sending them mobile credit online

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It’s natural somehow! Unless we’re older or far away, we don’t grasp the real connection we have with our parents, and their value in our personal history. What they really mean and what they’ve done to us… and that’s in a good way.  There’s a time when distance changes perspective. And support from a grown-up daughter or son comes naturally instead of “thank you.” It’s a simple act of friendship and love. Many people share similar thoughts on expat platforms. And it makes sense.

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They may not wait for your support, and even be aware of the possibilities that there exist on the nowadays market, but you do. You know that a simple online top up could save them a one hour walk and improve their communication with friends and family, which is essential. Helping them from the distance makes parents’ life easier from many perspectives., which started to exists to serve long-distance support, is ready to share some tips why a top up can help:

#1 Spare them from walking to the store

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When age becomes an adventure and walking is something that requires as much effort as running the marathon, online is magic. Virtual reality made it possible to send mobile credit online. Say you found one sunny day or heard of it from a friend. You sit down over a coffee one morning, and few clicks later $6 already left your account and got on your mom’s mobile in El Salvador. It took you 1 minute, otherwise it would have taken her maybe 15 minutes slow walk on the busy streets in the sun.

Here is Raja, a nice man from Nepal, now living in the USA who told us a similar story. We’ve turned it into a short film for you.

#2 Spare them the hassle of ordering online

For many parents of the older generation, ordering online is out of the question. Whether they don’t have a computer, or they don’t have computational skills. In their days, things were done differently. Work was done on paper, trust was sealed with a signature. Instead of putting them through the challenge of going on a website like and making the top up themselves, which may put at stake their self-esteem,  you can do it yourself in less than 1 minute. Your laptop is what a TV set was for the older generation. It’s there and you can use it better than you can use a salad spoon. Right? Or you can send the mobile credit online from MobileRecharge app. It’s free to install from Play Store or App Store, and your smartphone is always pocket-friendly…

#3 Help them save money for something else than mobile credit!

Let’s say your parents top up their phones themselves. Now imagine you do that for them. How much do they save? $6, $9 or more a month? Multiply that by 12 and you’ll see we reach a nice amount. A total of $100 can get you less than what could get them because of the purchasing power from a highly developed country to an economically struggling one.  $100 can buy about 996 eggs in Nepal just to stick to one food product only, 780 in Mexico, or 744 in Dominican Republic for example, while in the USA that would probably be spent on a restaurant dinner for 4 in few hours. Parents are may invest that amount in their household for a change or use it for unexpected expenses. Who knows? But the value is different.

Here is what you need to do!

  1. Go to and open a free account; it only takes few seconds.
  2. Pick the country where your parents live, select the operator of their mobile, enter the number
  3. Check twice the data before you proceed to payment and click Send. :)