5 powerful things you finally have time for on Labor Day, as an Expat

Working in the USA feels sometimes like wearing an armour while jogging. But the sweet paradox is that on Labor Day, everyone in the USA celebrates the working spirit relaxing, including MobileRecharge.com fans, most of them expats sending credit to their relatives. Many, though, are simply independent top uppers in their native motherland. Getting back to Labor Day, there is finally time for certain things that are totally out of our routine.

#1 Time to set off the Monday alarm

Labor DayRemember the feeling of waking up on the military song of your alarm clock? Is there anything worse in the morning than that? Really!
So, on Labor Day, give yourself a long morning walk through dreams. It may not be politically correct in capitalism, but it’s Labor Day, and we all celebrate it with time off.

Live up to your weekend potential on Monday, September 5th, and that includes sleeping late. Sleeping late can as powerful as a yoga session, the most awaited break. According to many studies available on a simple Google search, sleeping late means getting enough sleep according to your body.

So, whatever comes next during the day, there is no reason for excuses, or acting tired. Plus, ideas come up when our minds are detached, not tense and not stressed, and un-ambitious. And that’s what we are like in the morning, right? Labor Day may start with a creative brake through, who knows…

#2 Start the week with a day off

Labor DayEveryone’s dream. We usually plan for weekends, but Labor day is a different kind of day off. It’s not about day off to see the doctor, or solve some legal issues. It’s not a sick leave, unless you’ve forgotten to put on your socks in the cold evening before. :)

#3 Travel instead of Commuting

The purpose changes everything. When we are commuting it is not the same with traveling. Going to work, being careful and active, instead of relaxed and observing changes the same experience of being on a bus, a train, or else. On Labor Day, we can finally take the same road trip with a different mind set, different expectations. And we could stop anywhere we choose, without looking at the watch.

Take time to enjoy whatever the rushing hours keep you away from: a forest, a restaurant at one stop, a park, an interesting street, a shop… whatever you curiosity pinned there in the back of your head during the working days.

#4  Send those top ups home if you’ve been planning them

Labor DayThat is also powerful, although it may seem a simple gift. But gifts have different effects on our lives. For example, a colourful toothbrush will make someone smile in the morning, maybe for a week. A dog gift may change a child’s life for real.

When we top up our mom’s mobile abroad that gives her the opportunity to make her local calls, talk her mind out. Think further, mom gets the right means to communicate, speak her mind, make her action into the world. It may seem insignificant, but it is a chain of actions that starts with a top up. She gets a top up, she tells someone some news, that someone makes something about it… and voila, the change.

#5 Celebrate work with no work

Except maybe for some workout, if that’s part of your routine.

Don’t forget

The big party celebrating work with no work is on September 5 in the USA. Other countries celebrate it on different days. Enjoy lying in bed, you deserve it! The route you take daily to work can be “the road not taken” as Robert Frost put it,  if you turn into a day traveller. If you postponed sending mobile credit to your relatives, you can do that over the coffee, or even while putting on your shoes to go out. That easy! :)