Hot bonus for top ups to Cuba: “Doble bono” for Cubacel recharge!

Cubans say cheese, wine, and a friend must be old in order to be good. We cannot help you with the cheese and the wine, but we can definitely help you keep a close relationship with the friends and family in Cuba. Cubacel recharge promotion on doubles the value of the amount sent via mobile recharge service in the month of May.


The best time to offer a mobile recharge gift

Anytime, but to benefit from the “doble bono” offer, you must access the service starting May 26th, until May 29th 2014. The bonus can be used for calls, SMS or any other service Cubacel prepaid customers may have. The top up sent must range between 20-50 CUC. So for any $22 spent on when recharging a mobile, the Cubacel owner back in Cuba will receive 40 CUC. For any $44 spent the Cubacel subscriber will receive 80 CUC and so on.


Other tempting features

Another big plus: both the initial amount and the bonus have the standard expiration date Cubacel sets for any other top up.

In addition to the promotional offer, a feature newly added can reduce with up to 50% the time you spend while recharging a mobile. Right now you just need to:

– Log in to your account.
– Go to the Mobile Recharge page. All the Cubacel prepaid numbers recharged to in the last 90 days will be listed here.
– Select the number you want to recharge. Both the country and the operator the number belongs to will be automatically filled in.
– Choose the amount of the recharge and continue to the checkout page. It’s as easy as that.


Extras, besides the bonus

– Daily Promotions
– 24/7 Support on chat or by email
– Help Center for independent users
– Payment through PayPal or using any major debit/credit card in Euro, USD, AUD, GBP
– Secured website

That’s why…

It’s always a good idea to recharge a mobile back home and catch up with your family and friends in Cuba. And you should also know we are here to help you recharge as often as you want, no matter the country you live in.