How to win FREE CREDIT when you top up a mobile

Did it cross your mind you could actually get free data or free talk time for your local or international calls? And not only for you, but also for your friends and family? It’s possible, and the best thing about it is that you can get all this stuff by taking the honest path, without getting caught in any scam. The keyword here is… “Promotions.”

Many operators worldwide host online promotions on Bonuses range from 50% – 700%, which is a considerable amount if you come to think about it. These bonuses generally apply on website orders (top ups) of $5 – $10 mobile credit.

Mobile credit for phone numbers in Latin America, the Caribbean & Jamaica

On, those who refill mobiles in Latin American countries, for example, enjoy daily or weekly promotions for Claro, Tigo, Movistar, Digicel, Telcel, Cubacel or other networks in the area.

Bonuses to Caribbean Islands are advertised monthly. This holds true especially for Orange mobiles.

Jamaican expats and residents usually get 200% extra free credit. Natcom and Digicel numbers in Haiti also get to 200% more credit. The bonus in Haiti seldom includes international calls.

Mobile credit for mobiles in Vietnam

Free credit can be easily collected for Vinaphone, Mobifone and  Viettel mobiles in Vietnam. Top ups from abroad bring automatic Bonuses of 50% MORE FREE CREDIT on

Mobile credit for African countries

MTN and Cellcom mobiles in many countries in Africa offer 200% and 300% extra credit monthly, sometimes weekly. Most promotions address expats and their families in Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Senegal, etc.

Airtel Rwanda and Express Senegal are also generous when it comes to extra credit on refill.


Airtel #Rwanda & Expresso #Senegal mobiles can be credited from abroad. And YOU can be cause for a beautiful #surprise. Shhhh! ;)

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Most importantly, you save time & money. Time, because you can get top up and get the Bonus in less than 1 minute online. And money, because you skip the costs of going to the store, as well as the store’s offline business expenses.

Who can get FREE CREDIT?

Basically anyone! Anyone who has a free account on

  • expats who make international top ups to their relatives back home
  • travellers, sailors, army officers based in a foreign camp, who need local credit in different locations / countries they settle or pass by
  • persons who prefer self-service top up online for their own local SIM / phone.

free credit

How to get free mobile phone credit for YOURSELF & YOUR FOLKS abroad

Say, you live in Mexico and use a Movistar prepaid mobile. Instead of rushing to the bus and then taking 10 streets to get to the nearest or best store and top up your mobile, go online on, click Promotions in the top right menu, check if there is any at the moment. This also holds true if you want to top up your relatives’ or your friends’ mobiles abroad.

  • If you find an active promotion, click on it, enter the phone number carefully and pick the amount you care to add or to send away (transfer). Make sure you check first what’s the minimum amount needed to get the Bonus (see Terms & Conditions under the logo of the operator).
  • If there is no promotion for you:
    • Follow the Facebook page, where many promotions get advertised.
    • Click on “Get offers” down the website page, and you may be notified on future Bonuses.
    • Download the app and you’ll have all active promotions displayed in real time.

An example!
Sixto is Mexican and lives in the USA

Sixto lives now in the USA. When he was 23 he moved from Mexico to the States, but his parents and cousins live in Mexico. His parents are old, so he spares them the hassle of going to the local store and get a calling card by sending them airtime with, easy and online. He uses his computer, and sometimes the Mobilerecharge app while he’s commuting.

He sends each $5 to their Movistar old generation mobiles, so his mom and dad receive each the website equivalent of $5 in Mexican dollars plus 50 minutes for long distance calls and 100 SMS. That’s for free! :)

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Ready or not, here they come! Todays' offers on top ups to mobiles in #LatinAmerica!

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Whether you want to refill your own mobile or someone else’s in your country or abroad, is your facilitator. The easiest way to win free credit and cross that off your to do list is to reload your mobile online and benefit from Promotions. The process is fast (less than 1 minute to send, and 1 minute for the amount to reach the number). There are cases when the Bonus does not apply immediately, but check the Terms & Conditions or check with us on chat to stay updated.

You can learn about promotions by checking the website regularly or whenever necessary. But the easiest way is to get it in your feed or by email. So, follow the Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page, or press “Get Offers” button in the footer of the website.

From experience, going for an online top up helps you save on your travel tickets and the extra costs stores usually apply to cover their expenses for rent, energy and so on. As with any top up service, you will pay a processing fee, but that will be significantly smaller than anything you can find on the global market.