Things you can’t go a day without, including mobile recharge

We’re addicted to our morning coffee, to our social media pages, to the news, to the gadgets that make our lives easier. Were we to give up one or some of them, we would miss them dearly.

This is today’s challenge: to draw a list of the things you would miss the most should you live without them.

Here is ours:


Chronologically, as the day starts, most of us are defeated by the first addiction of the day: the morning coffee, or its healthier brother, the tea. This might be an extension of a behavior we have early in our lives: drinking milk. Either way, it must be there, so the day may start!


What comes hand in hand with drinking your morning coffee? Yes, that’s right: reading the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus… You just find out what your friends have been doing lately or what’s new, generally speaking. Second and third addictions- checked!


We would like to add on this list “exercising” as something we can’t go a day without. But this is just in an ideal world. Still, it might be on your list…


A day without your mobile phone is like a day without sunshine? It’s ok, it’s not just you. It’s almost half of the U.S adults, a recent survey says. And if the survey had covered the entire population, the results would have been most definitely the same.

Keeping in touch with the dear ones

Some of the habits we have are relaxing, joyful, making our lives easier and more interesting. But what happens if someone we love wants to share with us news and he or she cannot call, because they don’t have credit? What if we live abroad and thousands of miles separate us? Wouldn’t it be nice to make our best to avoid this sort of situations and develop another habit: to send them regularly top ups. A mobile recharge makes wonders when it comes to showing how strong relationships may be, no matter the distance.

The mobile recharge process takes less than 1 minute and the credit is sent instantly to the destination number. Also, you may use a feature newly implemented, which can reduce with up to 50% the time they spend while recharging a mobile. All you need to do is to:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the Mobile Recharge page. All the prepaid numbers recharged in the last 90 days will be listed here.
  • Select the number you want to recharge. Both the country and the operator the number belongs to will be automatically filled in.
  • Choose the amount of the recharge and continue to the checkout page.

It’s as easy as that! Give it a try!