Cuba fans, double the recharge you send to any Cuba cell phone!

These days, we have the best double bonus in the web-town! Let us just give you some clues: 100% free extra credit on recharges to Cuba cell phones between August 21-24, plus we worked a bit on our values to help you save money on your order. For example, if you top up a Cuba cell phone with $20 the person in Cuba receives 40 CUC.

But each time we bump into good news to Cuba, we remember there’s always a story brewing behind the scenes.We know that much: you have friends or family in Cuba and you care to support them somehow from the distance. Sounds familiar!

So, who are you?

A resident abroad, in a fostering country… trying to support your folks, or sending a gift to friends or family. Maybe you are a traveler, or an adventurer, a volunteer, or an international student abroad, or else. Or are you just a courageous and curious Colombus of today, looking for a better life for you and your loved ones?

Transfer of goods as alternatives to money transfer

So, curious traveler or courageous Columbus, sending direct cash takes longer and you cannot control how your money is used, and there are other drawbacks following. Transfer of goods instead is more and more popular for several reasons. It’s instant and easy in terms of transaction completion and frauds. Plus, it includes a variety of goods, from food vouchers or household items to flowers or mobile credit.

If you’re already accustomed to our service, you know is helping you send mobile credit to Cuba instead of cash, as a better way to control the money you send to Cuba. If you’re new to you’ll have a nice surprise!

 How to recharge a Cubacel mobile today

In less than 1 minute you can top up a Cuba cell phone pertaining to Cubacel on More precisely in three easy steps. Create a free account or log into, pick Cuba from the drop down and click on Cubacel, and just go with the flow… enter the amount you want to send and next the prepaid phone number you want to recharge and continue with payment. PayPal is accepted, as well as any major credit/debit card.

 All of a sudden, all of a DOUBLE!

Here’s the great news these days! If you top up a Cuba cell phone with $20 the person in Cuba receives 40 CUC. It is among the best values on the market, as we’ve noticed. Of course, if you feel more generous, there are other options:

  • recharge $30 and the person in Cuba receives 60 CUC
  • recharge $50 and the person in Cuba receives 100 CUC

Time to double economically & enjoy it!

Drawing the line, between August 21-24, you add 100% free credit to the amount you planned to send to any Cuba cell phone. And even better, instead of paying $22 to send 20 CUC you now send 40 CUC  and pay only $20. You make the math!

So, you save more money than usually due to the recharge value. If you top up a Cuba cell phone with $20 the person in Cuba receives 40 CUC, and so on to the maximum of $50 airtime.

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