NEW Cubacel Bono on mobile top ups to Cuba for Cuban expats’ families & friends

Good news for Cubans abroad who know that Cubacel Bono is not a fancy cocktail! A new Cubacel promotion is ON between May 15-19, 2017, and the process is as easy going as Cuba Libre! It’s the best season to save money in May on your mobile top ups to Cuba. The NEW Super Bonus is more than doble. Your relative or friend in Cuba can get up to 150 CUC.

You’re welcome to send 20-60 CUC Cubacel credit on, and your friend or relative in Cuba receives up to 150 CUC.

Free extra 90 CUC Cubacel credit for your relatives and friends in Cuba

The best you can do this new Cubacel bono campaign is to get 90 CUC Bonus. Your order on should be 60 CUC for the Bonus to apply. So, let’s do some math: you pay for 60 CUC Cubacel credit, 90 CUC is added automatically as a Bonus, so your aunt Maria, Benita or Charo, and so on… gets 150 CUC. Can I get some OMG here?

Yes, 150 CUC is the best amount you can squeeze out of your international mobile top ups in May.

Send 20 CUC, and they get 50 CUC

If you order 20 CUC Cubacel credit between May 15-17, an automatic Bonus of 30 CUC applies, so here you go… 50 CUC for your talkative Cuban family member or friend.

Send 40 CUC, and they get 100 CUC

Let’s do the math! You’ll order 40 CUC + automatic Bonus = 100 CUC for the person in Cuba. You save 60 CUC, your Cuban relative gets more. Everyone’s happy!