30 FREE mobile top ups. Warm up for World Top Up Day 2018

Mobile top ups are a big thing for expats, but also for travelers and those who want to avoid going to the store to get themselves some mobile credit. You can’t imagine what a great online community this is, even if numbers are not put together and borders make them strangers. If you’re one of them :), this news is for you and so is World Top up Day.

Starting 2015, online mobile top up fans, masters and rookies have been celebrated on World Top Up Day powered by MobileRecharge.com. It all started with great admiration and a grain of frustration, as any innovatory thing. :) On one hand we could see how mobile top ups were made to someone every 2 seconds. What an incredible ethical hygiene aka unconditional love, right? We thought so too. And on the other hand, these top up givers were anonymous and charity celebrities were sparkling on tabloid covers, which is perfect except that thousands of hundred of people remain low profile for statistics only. This gap was triggering a bit of frustration…

Getting back to the online mobile top ups and World Top Up Day on November 10, let’s see what’s in store this year. First there are 3 Facebook contests and a total of 30 free top up giveaways. Next there’s a HUGE Surprise on the website and MobileRecharge app on November 10, the BIG Day. So, save the date!

Warm up: 30 FREE mobile top ups out for grabs between November 5-7

Save the date: NOVEMBER 10

Between November 5-7, the warm up starts with 3 contests, each giving out 10 prizes: 10 free mobile top ups. There’s NO competition involved. The 30 Winners will be selected during a draw (so, they will be randomly selected) on Thursday, November 8.

What you need to do to give yourself a chance to win one of the 30 mobile top ups is join the expat community and leave a comment to one of the 3 contests. Or why not? All 3!

Challenge #1: What makes you relax? 

Save the date November 5. See you on MobileRecharge.com Facebook page for the first question: What makes you relax? Leave your answer and stay tuned for the winners. No worries, in case you win a free top up, we’ll also notify you in a private message.

How come this question?… You’ll find the explanation in the contest post: It’s relaxing to send your top up with MobileRecharge! No need to leave the house, or run to the store. There’s no need to put your shoes on. ;) 

Challenge #2: If you could own ANY pet, what would it be?

Facebook contest #2

Second contest, other chances to win 1 of the 10 free top ups out for grabs. The question of the second contest on November 6, on MobileRecharge.com Facebook page is: If you could own ANY pet, what would it be? All comments enter the draw for 10 free top ups.

How come this question? Honestly, it came naturally after realising that there is a huge number of animal fans in the world, on one hand. And the fact that MobileRecharge is easy and fast and that helps pet owners save time and spend the extra with their furry buddies… on the other hand. Yet, not all of us, the online mobile top up fans are pet owners, so here’s the question…

Challenge #3: Where would you go on an adventure?

Facebook contest #3

Online mobile top up fans may know why this question is enrolled in World Top Up Day warm up… Any guesses? The verdict is that MobileRecharge app / MobileRecharge.com is part of a traveler’s surviving kit, for the reasons mentioned above. No matter what country you find yourself in, you can make online mobile top ups using the app or the website. This way you get yourself local credit for talk, texts, browsing, etc. Makes sense right? :)

Who are your fellows? 

Did you wonder who are the other who make online mobile top ups? We’re talking worldwide.

From this standpoint, we know that most of the top up fans are expats recharging mobiles of their families or friends abroad. Others are curious travelers or business travelers, recharging the SIM or number in the transitory country. And some are just smart people who understood they can recharge their personal devices online and skip all the hassle and save time. This year, World Top Up Day celebrates them all, not just top up givers who top up someone else’s mobile.

What’s the Surprise on World Top Up Day?

We would spoil the Surprise if we revealed it now. What’s sure is that everyone will benefit of it! Stay around, and see you on MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app on NOVEMBER 10. Save the date, we’ve got something good ready for you. Each of YOU! ;)


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