7 Videos with Funny Kids that Best Describe our Human Nature, no matter our Nationality

Children’s Day makes you think of authenticity, right? And although Children’s Day is not on June 1st globally, we find it a good time to dive deep into what kids teach us about human nature. So, we’ve decided to put together the funnies videos MobileRecharge.com team bumped into on YouTube along the years. It’s for everyone, but especially for expats who live away from their parents.

Talking about authenticity, one thing is sure: no matter our nationality or ethnic origin, birthplace or social background, human nature is unaltered when we are kids. Whether we’re expats or residents, women or men, freelancers or employees or entrepreneurs, human nature can be well mirrored by kids’ behaviour. It is the most authentic for who we really are deep down under the social skin of the adult.

#1 We are curious playful creatures

Human nature is guided by curiosity. No matter the age or nationality, curiosity runs though our veins and takes different forms. Think about it, kids “destroy” or dissemble toy cars and dolls to check out their mechanisms, adults start traveling or take over different hobbies, or some even get experts in chemistry or engineering research, or personal inquiry, and the list of interests may go on.

Kids prove this correctly, but the difference is that guilt is not well trained as part of their system yet.

#2 Our body knows onion & garlic are good for us

Taste can be educated according to culture and the flavor diversity of local resources and local cuisine. But kids prove us that we instinctively know that garlic and onion are natural antibiotics.

#3 We need validation

No matter our nationality or social background, people’s positive feedback is well received by everyone. Can you remember anyone who does not approve of compliments or praise? Kids welcome praise, adults as well. If you come to think about it, it means recognition within your community. You have a purpose in other people’s lives.

On Oprah’s final episode of her wildly popular TV show, she highlighted the importance of validation: “I’ve talked to nearly 30,000 people on this show,” she said, “and all 30,000 had one thing in common. They all wanted validation.” (psychcentral.com)

#4 We think of our future from early age

Kids think about future too. It is an act of imagination and the drive for continuity. Because we need to be part of a community or a team, a family early in life.  As kids we observe and take notes of what happens around us, including family relationships.

#5 We are all highly sensitive creatures under cover

Maybe kids don’t have the drama in their lives for a large spectrum of emotions, but they have many others we, as adults, have forgot in time…

#6 Age is only a story

The fact that kids can be inspiring for parents, caring or encouraging, is something adults often report. What does it prove? Maybe that we naturally do not have the concept of age as kids.

#7  We use “no” to get reactions

We can see it in kids and equally in adults. A “no” triggers an adventure, a reaction that is out of the standard. It’s obvious that kids love freedom of expression, and don’t feel comfortable with standards that hinder them from doing what they feel like doing. A ‘no’ in a yes-situation, triggers surprise on the faces of adults, and that is spectacular. Some grown ups keep the habit whether they want it or not. It’s like a reaction against artificial effects of education upon human nature.

If you miss your parents who are away…