3 Challenges for YOU to celebrate Cubacel Online Bonus Campaign #100

Round numbers! We all love them! Age, bills, plates, cups, lists, waist size. Here’s one more for Cubans abroad: Cubacel online bonus #100. Ta-na! By the way, it applies on your top ups to Cuba starting Monday, March 18. So, Cubans and Cuba fans, the #100 Cubacel online PROMO asks for some celebration.

We’ve got 1 free mobile top up to Cuba out for grabs “right here, right now” (🎶 Fatboy Slim rhythm in the background).

Pick ONE of the challenges below and leave a comment by March 19 to enter the race:

  1. Where were you in 2011? 
  2. Can you remember your first 100 USA dollars, CUC, Euro earned?
  3. How’s the Cuban mentality different from others?

The draw will be next week, and we’ll keep you updated with updates (comment). The prize, once again, 1 free top up to a friend / relative in Cuba. 😜

⚠️ WARNING… Challenges below may get you nostalgic. 😜

Challenge #1 for YOU. Back to 2011

Photo by Flo P on Unsplash

Cubacel Online recharges have a long history back. But it was in 2011 that Cubans heard the news about the first Cubacel online promo. It was May 2011 when Cubacel Bono got into the Cuban diaspora vocabulary.

Where were YOU in 2011?

This is challenge #1. So, were you living abroad at that time? Were you already established in the new motherland or planning to leave? Please leave your comment below and you get the chance to win a free top up for someone in Cuba.

Challenge #2. Remember your first 100?

Guille Alvarez on Unsplash

Of course, Cubacel is celebrating their #100 Promotion with a NEW Bono available for top ups to Cuba between March 18-23. And of course, most you, dear Cubanos abroad will celebrate by making the best of this Bono: 50 minutes and 50 SMS extra to the credit you send. By the way, the Bono applies for recharges between 20 CUC – 60 CUC. But you know the drill by now, right?

It’s a milestone for Cubacel, but also for many of you, who have been sending airtime + Bonus back to people in Cuba since the beginning. Can you hear the narrator?

On a fine day, Etecsa aka Cubacel online brand sent out their first promo spaceship into the Cuban diaspora space. That’s how it all began: mountains of joy, hills of surprises, piles of CUC’s back to Cuba. (MobileRecharge.com narrator)

Talking about memories, here’s challenge #2.

💯 Can you remember your first 100 USA dollars, CUC, Euro, etc?

Your first 100 MONEY unit as your personal milestone? Or your first salary? Where were you? How did that feel? Leave a comment below to get the chance to win a free top up for someone in Cuba. You’re a Cuban, can’t be shy!

Challenge #3. Cuban mentality vs other nations

Photo by Supremelysab on Unsplash

Tough topic? No worries. The idea is that we usually get a sense of local reality while traveling or living in another country. Some say, the Cuban mentality is special, charming, yet difficult to deal with.

In the West, it feels like you need to be a stand-up comedian to tell the blunt truth “in your face”. Cubans seem pretty natural at doing this compared to many other ethnic groups. Sometimes it may sound harsh… when they don’t dress up the truth in “nice unoffending words”. But hey guys, life is too short for elegant lies… Have you noticed how Cuban stand-up comedians seem effortless in their shows? :)

Twitter even has a hashtag for it #cubanmentality. Pretty controversial, we’d say and poor. Same holds for Facebook. The topic is poorly developed and focuses on old-school stereotypes. Let’s add some good trophies out there. You may like this article we wrote some time ago about Cubans’ mentality in the USA and how they react to certain aspects there. 

Before we forget, here’s challenge no.3 for all of you Cubans abroad experienced in comparing cultures…

How’s the Cuban mentality different from others? 

How do Cubans see things differently than other cultures, societies?

Because if you were to ask us, Cubans’ compassion and generosity is ginormous… At least that’s how we see it judging by the Cubacel online recharges they’re sending weekly. Yes, weekly. Plus, Cubans just got some extra sensitivity in their blood and dancing steps.

100 tips before you browse away. Kidding!

  • Cubacel online offer 💯 starts on Monday, March 18, 2019.
  • Top ups between 20 – 60 CUC add automatically national minutes and SMS for people in Cuba.

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  • Find the expat community that sends Cubacel online airtime to Cuba  on Facebook.

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MOST IMPORTANT! If you want to WIN 1 free top up…
Leave a comment NOW to 1, 2 OR 3.

  1. Where were you in 2011?
  2. 💯 Can you remember your first 100 USA dollars, CUC, Euro?
  3. How’s the Cuban mentality different from others?
7 replies
  1. Kim Howe
    Kim Howe says:

    My commentary is to question number 3.
    Being a US citizen and having been to Cuba twice has given me a broader view than I ever thought I would have on this. I was in Cuba as part of a Goodwill baseball tour from Connecticut and we also hosted a team from Cuba here in town as well. Because of this exchange, I developed the most wonderful, life time relationship with the player and his family. From this I can say that I have learned so much about how lucky we are in the US for all the basic things we take for granted every day. The attitude of my Cuban friend las has taught me to appreciate that things are not always better because you have more. Family and relationships are valued very strongly for Cubans and they trump everything else. Material goods and things as simple to get here such as internet and red meat would be luxuries where my friends live when I charge their phones form here it is saving them one months salary there and for me that feels wonderful and I am happy to do it as long as I can. Because what they give me in return is unconditional love and kindness. That is why I treasure the Cuban mentality so much. ❤️

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    Answer to 3rd question Cubans are the kindest generous hard working people that I have ever met in my entire life. They are extremely educated and will just be what others only hope to be. That would be loved by all.

  3. Aura from MobileRecharge
    Aura from MobileRecharge says:

    Kim Howe,

    Thank you so so so much for sharing your story and all these insights! Indeed, we learn by comparison a lot.

  4. Hanan Edery
    Hanan Edery says:

    My trip to Cuba from Feb. 19-March 4 was most memorable. The Cuban people are modest fun and peace loving. Can’t wait for my next visit.

  5. Aura from MobileRecharge
    Aura from MobileRecharge says:

    Dear friends,

    Wow! You are amazing for sharing these stories! Thaaaaaanak you!
    This time, the winner of a free top up abroad is Kim Howe, the ice breaker.
    More coming up soon. Meanwhile, join other contests on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MobileRecharge.Fan/


    An email was sent to your registered address, to help you redeem your prize. If you cannot find MobileRecharge.com (the sender) in your Inbox, don’t hesitate to look in the Spam folder too. Feel safe, it’s an online thing.


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