What free credit does to your family in Cuba. Nauta & Cubacel current offers unfolded

Kim Howe, a friend of our blog and a friend of Cuban baseball players, left a touchy and honest comment to a previous article, explaining why mobile recharges to Cuba are so valuable. If you’re a Cuban abroad you know better, it saves your family in Cuba “one month’s salary”. So, for everyone out there under-evaluating technology and domestic mobile credit volume or use, please consider it’s a luxury good in some countries, including Cuba.

Family and relationships are valued very strongly for Cubans and they trump everything else. Material goods and things as simple to get here such as internet and red meat would be luxuries where my friends live when I charge their phones from here it is saving them one months salary there and for me that feels wonderful and I am happy to do it as long as I can. Because what they give me in return is unconditional love and kindness. That is why I treasure the Cuban mentality so much. ❤️

Before we dive more into the topic, WATCH OUT, there are 2 offers dedicated to Cubans, running right now: 0.50 CUC/hour for Nauta Hogar customers who have used up their 30 hours of data, and Cubacel free minutes and SMS available until March 23.

#1 It saves one month’s salary

Talking on the phone is a life’s accessory, but in Cuba it’s a luxury. Hard to believe for someone who makes $2000 a month! The Cuban salary was about $25 in 2015. That is 687 pesos. Imagine it was even lower than that before 2015. More specifically, $18.66 that is 494 pesos.

Context gives value. So, imagine what a 20 CUC (about $20) recharge on MobileRecharge.com means in Cuba. If you come to think about it, Cubans abroad spend double than that (about $40) on a dinner out as a national average according to Zagat.com. On the other hand, the highest paid doctors in Cuba made $67 a month in 2017, while nurses reached $40 a month, according to StatNews.com.

#2 More Aló Que Tal

Airtime to Cuba fans know it better. Although Cubans love get togethers and family reunions, time is tight, plus distances are not tiny. So then “on the phone time” is important as any social interaction. And that’s where Cubacel credit from abroad makes a difference for your family in Cuba.

Tell your friends about your family in Cuba. The fact that in Cuba almost everybody works! The unemployment rate is among the lowest in the world: 1.60%. The rate seems to reach 2.20 in 2020 according to TradingEconomics.com.


#3 Calls to the USA and Canada made possible

Cubacel bonuses may have some goodies like this included: international calls to the USA or Canada. Which makes the money come back to the sender, literally. You support your family in Cuba, and in their turn, they use the Bonus that applies on your recharge to call you back in the USA or Canada. And this is not an isolated case at all!

Over 1 million Cubans live in the USA officially. And right after Spain, we find Canada on #3 in top countries where Cubans move to. Over 15 thousands were registered there in 2017. According to Wikipedia and the 2011 Census, 21,000+ people claimed full or partial Cuban ancestry.

#4 Keeps the emotional life standard high

Local talk is holy in Cuba. Unlike other societies, Cuba is high on talking. Neighbours engage easily in conversations and help each other a lot. Families meet up, and if they can’t that’s where the mobile credit gets in the game. Emotions are at the core of conversations, the blood of actions and the fuel for love.

What would Cubans be without their words, thoughts or questions shared? OK, they’d be dancers or great cooks… But still, the world will be missing a huge doze of enthusiasm and emotional prosperity. So, next time you send some credit to your family in Cuba, don’t under-estimate it. It’s like an ingredient to life that is ready to happen.

#5 Internet access takes Cuba to a www level

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Nauta opened up its gates few years ago, allowing Cubans to get fresh Western air, or Asian dishes right from the Internet.
And recently 3G in Cuba give intimacy to private Internet surfing. It makes it more personal, not to say vital, which it is in today’s world.

If you’re not a Cuba reading it, or you’re a second generation Cuban in your 50s, imagine the beginning of Internet in your country and you’ll understand how that feels to get Nauta credit from your relative in the USA or Canada. A gift that opens up new perspectives. And that’s how the world speeds up progress. In the USA, Internet grew out in the 1960s according to Wikipedia. In Nigeria it all started in 2001, according to Legit.ng. Well, Cuba is on that moment in history with Nauta & domestic 3G, although internet was introduced in 1990s. It seems it “stagnated since its introduction . . . because of lack of funding” (Wikipedia, Internet in Cuba).

TIPS on the current Promos to Cuba

Photo by rafzin p on Unsplash

#1 Nauta is ready to support your family in Cuba who are using Nauta Hugar.
They can surf the internet at 0.50 CUC/hour, after having used up all their 30 hours included in the package.
The offer is open between March 15 – 24, 2019. The promotion does not apply to your family in Cuba who use the plan Internet en el móvil. 

#2 Cubacel adds 50 domestic minutes & 50 SMS for local talk, if you recharge mobile phones of your family in Cuba until March 23, 2019. The minimum order to save on the airtime you send to your family in Cuba is 20 CUC. The maximum is 60 CUC. So, make your list, priorities according to your budget, and don’t the free extra credit to Cuba.

#3 Wondering how to get more promos in the future?

  • No contract needed to send airtime to Cuba with MobileRecharge.com or MobileRecharge app.
  • Want to grab the Jackpot DISCOUNTS on international mobile credit transfers for your family and friends? You’ll get the deals by email. Spam-free, we’ll give you our MR.com-word. Watch the beginner’s guide below!

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