Hurry up for our August offers! Up to 700% mobile credit Bonus on online top up to mobiles in Haiti, Nigeria or other countries

You may already be aware that supports any international online top up to other countries. Whether you speak of great Bonuses, maintaining the best load-value on the market or low processing fees, we never fail to keep promotions coming.

In August, we invite you to try and send an online top up to the country where your family or friends live, no matter the country you are right now. Here is a reason why, we offer: free extra credit on your online top up to Haiti, Nigeria, Liberia, and countries in Latin America like: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.

Up to 700% Bonus to Natcom Haiti mobiles

The top up promotion is available every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August. All Natcom mobiles that receive a top up of $5 to $7 are awarded triple extra credit, while the maximum 700% recharge Bonus applies for top ups of minimum $8.

The triple offer consists of 100% bonus for the basic account and 200% for on-net account to use for internal Voice and SMS (valid for 3 days). The 700% promotion offers its beneficiaries 100% for the basic account, 500% for on-net account to use for internal Voice and SMS (valid for 3 days), 100% for data account (valid for 7 days), and 100% for international account to call USA and Canada (valid for 3 days).

500% Bonus to Cellcom Liberia mobiles

The top up promotion is available not only in August, but longer, until further notice. Any online top up to Cellcom Liberia is valid for Bonus, since there is no limit of amount. The bonus expires at midnight on the day it is received and can be used for on-net calls only. Read more about the Terms and Conditions of the promotion on the website.

In order to be able to send credit to a Cellcom Liberia number, one has to be a customer. Opening an account is free, easy and fast.

100% Bonus to Airtel Nigeria mobiles

For everyone interested to save money on their international top ups to Nigeria, the new promotion on offers 100% Bonus and is running until the end of September. In other words, if you have friends and/or family in Nigeria and send mobile credit instead of cash, you can double your airtime to any Airtel Nigeria mobile. It’s a good chance to send a gift or simply control how the money you send home is spent.

The 100% Bonus applies for any load above $8 or the equivalent value in other currencies. The extra credit is sent instantly and is valid only for prepaid Airtel customers in Nigeria. More details about the conditions can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the promotion on

Daily treats to Latin America

Spontaneous and regular promotions run for mobile recharges to South and Central America daily.

Top up Bonuses for these parts of the world range from 100% to 700% on recharges to such countries like: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.

Most frequently, numbers getting Bonus recharges pertain to Tigo, Claro, Movistar and Personal.

Best thing is to keep an eye on the website homepage map where offers are displayed, or follow us on:


What does it take to get the Bonus?

Start checking these out:

  • You have family or friends in some other country.
  • You need to send them money, but at the same time control how it is used; or you need to send a quick gift with no hustle, or just send them some mobile credit to be able to talk to you or others locally.
  • Open an account on now! It costs nothing, and it never expires.
  • Pick your destination country and operator, enter the number you want to top up and choose the amount you want to send. Then, press “Buy Mobile Recharge“. It takes less than 1 minute.

When does the Mobile Recharge + Bonus reach the other person?

Pick your favorite answer: instantly or immediately. In few seconds it should reach the beneficiary. In case it doesn’t, wait a bit and don’t worry. We’re here to answer any question.

Look for the status of the transaction in your online account, in the “Activity” section. If the status is “Successful”… congrats! “Pending” means there are many like you, waiting in the queue, and processing takes a while. If the status is “Failed” it means there must have been some sort of mismatch in the data you registered with us when opening the account and the data you typed in while ordering. If the mistake is not easy to identify, please get in touch with our Customer Service by chat for guidance.

What makes it affordable

Promotional bonuses, best airtime value on the global market and low processing fees have been a get go religion of a group-initiative that soon became a public service: In translation, we care to offer affordable airtime or mobile recharges so everyone with friends or family abroad can send mobile credit as a quick gift.