NEW! How Cubans abroad get the chance to send Triple Bono again!

Cuba opens up more to Cubans abroad, this time by offering a long awaited Cubacel promo. If late 2017 the Cuban government announced their availability to facilitate citizenship acquisition for children born to Cubans abroad and give up some restrictions upon Cuban emigrants, it is now open to re-launch the Triple Bono campaign from Cubacel. Don’t blame us for making putting all these together. They may not be comparable, but the impact is strong among Cubans abroad in all cases. You may wonder “When was the last time Cubans abroad got the chance to send Triple Bono to their folks in Cuba?” Good point! :)

Most of the Cubans abroad hardly remember the last time they got to send Triple Bono, the classic recipe. But despite Cubacel monthly generosity, the Cuban fans on kept hunting for the Triple Bono campaign on their top ups of mobile phones in Cuba. And although Cubacel has tried different recipes lately, that kept away any pattern similar to Doble or Triple Bonus, these stayed the best options. And luckily, we have both in May 2018. Long live the promotional era! :)

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How to use the Cubacel promo in May to send “Triple Bono”

No philosophy, only eyes wide open!
The option is open for recharges between 20-60 CUC. Check your pocket, weigh your budget, count the people in Cuba you want to send Triple Bono Cubacel, and and decide between the following order values on 20 CUC, 40 CUC and 60 CUC.
Somehow strange, the Triple Bono tradition got its name from Triple Recharge (triple top up balance) actually. In fact, it has always been about 200% FREE extra Cubacel credit when you send Triple Bono. But once Cubans abroad called it Triple Bono, it stayed that way.
In May, if you’re a Triple Bonus nostalgic, you need to pick wise. Here are the values that can help you send Triple Bono Cubacel to your relatives and friends.

  • YOU send
  • 20 CUC
  • 40 CUC
  • 60 CUC
  • Cubacel Bonus
  • 40 CUC
  • 80 CUC
  • 120 CUC
  • They receive
  • 60 CUC
  • 120 CUC
  • 180 CUC

MORE than Doble Bono in the house. Sí, sí!

    • 25 CUC + Bonus 40 CUC = 65 CUC
    • 30 CUC + Bonus 40 CUC = 70 CUC
    • 50 CUC + Bonus 80 CUC = 130 CUC
 If you select any default top-up value between 25 CUC to 50 CUC in the online form on, you’ll actually pick more than Doble Bono. That is, more than 100% free extra Cubacel credit promo. Is that what you plan for a while for your cute cousin, warm-hearted mom, or the big dancer in your life? ;)

Photo by Kristen Reynolds on Unsplash

10 things you should know about this campaign

  • The promotion will run from Monday May 14, 2018 (00:01 Cuba time) to Saturday May 19, 2018 (23:59 Cuba time).
  • Cubans can make any number of top-ups they want, without any restriction.
  • developed specific mechanics for this campaign to help Cubans abroad or Cubans’ friends abroad get the best Bonus. So, top-ups of 40 CUC or more will be divided into 2 or 3 separate top-ups, so that the person in Cuba will receive the maximum bonus possible. BUT, the recharges may arrive several minutes apart. No worries. Let your folks know in the free SMS you can send them along with your top-up gift.
  • The promotional balance may be used for all services available to prepaid users like domestic and international calls, SMS, MMS, including SMS entumovil and Data (Nauta).
  • The promotional bonus will expire on June 17, 2018 at 23:59 Cuba time, while the main balance will keep the same validity as the previous promotions (330 days from recharge date). Fair enough, right?
  • Watch out! The balance transfer service is not available with promotional bonus.
  • If promotional amount is not enough to complete a call or to send a SMS, Cubacel will deduct the necessary credit from the main balance.
  • Customers will receive an SMS a few days before the expiration date of the extra bonus. Just saying…
  • Of, and beneficiaries in Cuba can check their balance via USSD (*222#) for free.
  • YOU can use the website to make your top-ups, or install MobileRecharge app on your smartphone for FREE if you’re on the go.
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